Delete local time signature without reverting to the 'master' time signature

I have one instrument with repeating 5/8 5/8 5/4 time signatures, and another instrument which currently has the same pattern. I want the second instrument to be 5/4 throughout, with only one time signature at the beginning.

I can set a local time signature using popover and alt=enter, turning two bars of 5/8 into 5/4. However, the following 5/4 time signature is still there unnecessarily. If I delete it, it reverts to the 5/8 from the first instrument.

Is it possible to delete them completely, leaving just one time signature at the beginning, or do I have to hide them all so they just don’t appear in the final sheets?

You can hide the ‘unnecessary’ time signatures using the lower property panel.

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So when there’s a time signature change somewhere there has to be a time signature for every instrument, even if that instrument’s time signature hasn’t changed?

Can hide them no problem. :slight_smile:

I admit I don’t understand this. After your local time signature, (5/8), you can use another local time signature to revert to 5/4. But it won’t be in sync with all the other instruments… I suppose I would need to see the score to understand what you mean…

It’s two bars of 5/8 then one of 5:4, so the other instrument in 5/4 throughout does stay in sync.

Ok. So if you add a 5/4 local time signature to that instrument after those two 5/8 bars, everything is still in sync and correct. Why would you want to hide it?

That post is why I wrote. It made me suspect you did not use a local time sig to revert to 5/4, because you don’t have to. Keep it local, only the player that has those two 5/8 bars needs to have a 5/4 time signature after those. Or make all those time signature changes global. But don’t mix them up :wink:

Ah okay, that’s why I was getting unstuck - the original instrument was the 5/8 5/8 5/4 one, so I was trying to deal with the 5/4 instrument using local time signatures, whereas if I use the 5/4 instrument as the ‘master’ with just one global time sig at the beginning and then just add local 5/8s where I need them that means I won’t have to hide anything. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure I see the problem. Dorico has an approach for this.
grpsOf5.dorico (568.9 KB)

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That looks interesting but I’m going to stick to alternating time signatures, which might not look as elegant but makes things clearer for this purpose especially when measures run off the end of the system/page.