delete mac cubase presets

Hi, Im on a mac running 6.5 and want to delete presets associated with old vsts from earlier cubase versions e.g. embracer, monologue, tonic …

A search has been inconclusive. Any ideas?

Which Mac OS?
The User vstpreset files are stored in /Users/[your user account]/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies, but in Lion, Apple had the genius idea of making the User Library invisible by default!
Here are a couple of alternative methods for getting it to show…

Thank you Vic, I beg your pardon I mean the vst presets steinberg provide for the discontinued VSTs. Im on 10.7 BTW

Ah… those are inside the application package contents, I’m afraid. You can delete them if you insist, but I’d be inclined not to mess around with the package contents :wink:.

Thanks Vic, anyway at least to hide them in media bay etc?

No, but you can delete vstpresets from there, but I’ve no idea how that would work with a vstpreset inside the package contents folder.

Thanks. I find it mildly annoying that being on intel I can’t use these plugs yet all their presets are installed anyway. Perhaps stein berg can clean this up?

It isn’t because of Intel, but because of OS X 10.7… I am still on OS X 10.6.8, and (at least in 32-bit mode), I still have Embracer, Monologue and Tonic available (although I had to import the plugins themselves from an earlier version of Cubase :wink: ).
Btw, I presume those are still available on PC? (anyone confirm that, please?)

I understand, it’s a Rosetta thing. I’d love them to go cos I can’t use them :smiley: