Delete midi notes outside the loop boundaries

Does anyone know a way to delete midi notes that fall outside of the boundaries of a midi loop/part?

For example, I have a loop that contains come notes outside the left and right edges that are shown in white (like muted notes). I have copied that loop many times in the track and I might want to glue them all together at a later date. I’m looking for a way to delete all these unused notes that doesn’t involve me opening each loop and deleting them manually. I can’t find anything in the Logical Editor that does this.

Anyone got a solution?

Before you copy the part, select it and do:
“Locators to Selection”,
“Select: in Loop”
then “Select: Invert”

Now objects outside the cycle range are selected for whatever operation you want to perform.

First of all, while finding a solution for this , I discovered a bug in the Key Editor, but the following does work o.k. if you open the In-Place Editor for that track in the Project window…, but you’ll need to temporarily move the MIDI Part on to its own MIDI track, to avoid other Parts on the same track getting unintentionally deleted also.
You need to create a simple Macro…

Open the Key Commands dialog (from the File menu)
“Show Macros” (bottom of Dialog window).
New Macro
Give it a useful name (e.g. “Delete MIDI outside Loop”)
Upper section, navigate to Edit - Select in Loop
Lower section, Add Command
Upper section, navigate to Edit - Invert Selection
Lower section, Add Command
Upper section, navigate to Edit - Delete
Lower Section, Add command
Hit “O.K.”
You can now re-open the Key Commands dialog , and assign a Key command to this Macro, if you wish.
(for info, it is currently the “Invert Selection” command, that is not working, for Notes, in the Key (or Drum) Editors. )
Hopefully, when this bug is fixed (used to be o.k. in Cubase 6.5.5), you’ll be able to use this Macro in the Key Editor, without having to worry about other Parts on the same track :wink:

EDIT; Steve posted while I was writing this… but my comment about the bug still applies :wink: )

That is so weird. I thought I checked it, quickly, and thought I saw it work. When I checked again just now, it’s as you say, Vic.

Thanks for your thoughts Vic and Steve, just what I’ve been looking for. I’ll try these out tonight.

It’s quite surprising that there isn’t an easier way to do it!