Delete Muted Events missing


That’s about it. I used to have a keyboard shortcut to delete all muted events. After upgrading to 10.5 I moved all my shortcuts and all of them moved over successfully except for this one. When I go to keyboard shortcuts menu to set it up again, I can’t find it. Am I going crazy or did they change the way it’s described? Thanks


I’m not in the studio now… Do you know in which category was it, by any chance, please?

Thanks for the reply. I opened up Cubase 10.0.5. Here is a screenshot of the keycommand. I thought it was “delete muted events” but it’s "delete muted elements"I tried searching by the same term and could not find anything.

The section you are looking at is showing you the Presets in the Logical Editor - those preset names can be changed and of course when a new preset is created you can name it anything. So don’t put too much stock in the name. Open the Logical Editor & look at the actual preset to confirm what it really does.

Thanks for the reply Raino. The screenshot I provided is the screenshot of the working shortcut I have set up in 10.0.5. Here is a screenshot of 10.5.0 which does not even show a folder named “Process Project Logical Editor” which is where “delete muted elements” is in.

It seems your Project Logical Editor presets has not been copied over to Cubase 10.5.

Hmm. I never deleted the folders in the 10.5 directory. I just copied my 10.0.5 folders into the 10.5 directory and when prompted to, chose to replace the folders rather than duplicate them. So I assume, that logical editor folder should have been there upon installing 10.5. Ill have to see when i get to the studio today if I can just manually copy it over. Thanks

Found the folder in c10 and transferred it over. All good. Thanks guys!