Delete muted MIDI notes PLE?

I thought there used to be one, but I don’t see it – it was for muting MIDI notes (not MIDI parts) in a part in the Project Window, or in the MIDI editors.

Does anyone know where it is, or what the programming would be in the PLE? I’m not so sharp with that PLE. :slight_smile:

LE does midi, not PLE

OK then – does anyone have an LE script for this? Where can I find it if it’s already in Cubase? I used to use it and realized that it’s not there now, might have been a script I had at one point but is gone.

Have you looked in the LE?

I did, yes – didn’t see it there. But then did a re-install which I needed for other reasons as well and now it’s there.

Thanks for your help!