Delete "Near" Doubles

If I merge two drum parts into one part I might end up with, say, 2 kick notes a single tick apart. Delete doubles won’t catch this since they’re not at exactly the same position.

I don’t want to have to quantize the part, delete doubles, then undo the quantization, I just want to delete one of these 2 notes since it’s effectively a “double”, even though it has a very slightly different position. Is there a way to do this? I though the Logical Editor might be able to manage it with some use of “Last Event”, but I can’t figure out a way to do it.



Quantize is non-destructive process, so you can do exactly what you said:

  • Quantize
  • Delete Doubles
  • Reset Quantize.

You can make a Macro out of it.

That would be a great feature


The way I described doesn’t work for you? It works to me here. You can make a macro out of it and even assign Key Command.