Delete older versions?

When updating to a new version, like now to version 12.0 of Wavelab, the installer does not update the most recent version but rather installs the new version additionally. Once having tested the new version I do not need the older ones any more. Can I just uninstall the older versions or would that have a negative effect on the latest.
Thank aour for your advice

Should be safe to uninstall it.

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Thx. Have you done it and/or is there an alternative way of updating, which takes out the older versions?

I usually leave the N-1 version installed for a few months after I stop using it, then just uninstall. Any problems I’ve ever encountered were easily fixed by just reinstalling the newer version. At least on Windows, your preferences folder remains after uninstallation anyway.

To be entirely safe, you could backup you entire computer (always good advice), then uninstall all versions and just reinstall the latest.

Thank you, will try my luck