Delete or Undo rendered files stay in Pool

Hi, trying to find a workaround so ‘rendered in place’ files do not stay in pool after hitting the ‘delete’ or ‘undo’ button.
Searched the forum but can not find a solution. So is there such an option?


On my side, the Audio file remains in the Pool after Render In Place and then Undo (or Delete).

Yes that’s what happens on my side too.
Is there a way to change this so you automatically get rid of the files when undoing the Render In Place?

Nope, just Remove Unused Media

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That would be easy but unfortunately that’s not working for me because I always have unused takes from tracking which I keep in case I need them on editing stage.
That’s why I need to get rid of the files I delete or “undo create” so they don’t mess with the rest of my unused.
I guess I have to manually move these to trash and then empty trash.
Thanks anyway

Which is the same reason that Cubase doesn’t delete the files you expect it to delete - for all Cubase knows you might want to use these files later too.

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