Delete overlaps for midi?

Is there a command for this? I’m sure it’s somewhere simple but I’ll blame it on the sleep deprivation.

  • Select and use the glue tool.
  • MIDI -> Bounce MIDI.

Thanks but what if I’ve recorded many lanes an I’ve edited the “perfect take” from many clips? How do I delete all the muted events in one fell swoop, leaving only the active parts?


I just had the same problem, if you are showing lanes then it doesn’t show up but if you hide the lanes then you can click on the little triangle in the middle and chose Remove Overlaps from the dropdown menu. How to do it for all the parts like “Remove Overlaps” does for audio of course is what you are looking for and so am I.

PLE delete muted MIDI parts.jpg

I am sure this is intentional but in this you want to delete the selected MIDI part if it is selected. If you took out the last parameter “Event Is Selected” then it would remove all muted MIDI parts. Otherwise it might just be easier to press delete unless you have other parts selected at the same time that aren’t muted and shouldn’t be deleted.

Yes, entirely intentional. Otherwise absolutely all muted MIDI parts within the whole project would get deleted, which may not be what you want. Or if you do want that then just get rid of the ‘event is selected’ line in the PLE preset.

The idea is that you simply select all parts on the MIDI track (right-click on track header / ‘select all events’) before using the PLE preset which, of course, is much easier than individually finding and selecting only the muted parts and then pressing delete. If you use this a lot you could make a macro to do this with a single command.

This provides a solution to Sunshy’s question.

Sunshy, if you’re listening, hope this helps.

Very nice thanks, that makes a lot of sense. Command+option+a is a favorite (select all on tracks).

Agree, Command+Option+A / Ctrl+Alt+A is a good choice for ‘select all on tracks’.

Thanks for this!