Delete page request

Hello, Dorico Team!

I have a few pages in the beginning of my score that I don’t want to lose by clicking remove all pages override. Could you please add a delete page button to simplify this without losing my work? I have extra pages at the end that I need to delete but in order to do that, I need to override the first pages and that does not seem logical to me.

Thank you!

cordero, are you concerned about your music or are you concerned about your layout?
You won’t lose your music if you remove (Layout) overrides. You can do this page by page, btw.

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Concerned about the title page and program notes. The page by page option does not appear unfortunately! only the all pages

@composer.cordero I would suggest to recreate the pages. that you don’t want to lose, as custom page templates, with the text and everything. So no need to worry about loosing them, and you can apply them wherever you need.


Normally in Dorico you don’t need to delete page/s, since the music frame will automatically accommodate the number of pages based on the music that has to be displayed… (but with overrides it can be not so automatic, but there are always ways to avoid overrides…, as in my previous post)

You could remove page overrides from only the end pages.

Right-click the page to invoke the context menu. A remove page override should be there.