Delete pages/Hide Empty staves workaround

First off, the folks on this forum are fantastic!

My question is about how to delete pages after trying to come up with a workaround for Dorico’s inability to hide individual empty staves. I know that currently Dorico is only able to hide empty staves globally for a layout. I have a string quartet with a cello solo at the end of the piece. I would like to hide the other staves just for this last page. I have done this by creating a flow that is just the cello solo and selecting that flow on the appropriate page in Engrave Mode. Dorico then continues the music from Flow 1 on the following pages. I want the score to end after the cello solo (on page 2 in this example) Is this possible?

I don’t want to simply end the score for Flow 1 earlier, because it will remove the material from the other parts.

I have tried creating a master page with no flows on it, but this reads as a master page override and results in a blank page at the end of the score. Here is an image and a zip file. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It could also be that my question is really about finding a better workaround for hiding the empty staves on only the last page of the full score.

Hope this is clear.
last page (398 KB)

I think the way you want to do it is not going to work, so let’s not try this path and make it work together.
It is perfectly possible to use Dorico’s built in Hide empty staves to do exactly what you want, though you’ll need a workaround : the shift-x “space” workaround.
What you’ve done here is create a new musical chain with a specific music frame on a page. The result is that this page has overrides : it does not respond to master pages anymore, it’s like a isolated island in your music sea… certainly not what you were looking for.
What I’d suggest you to do is, in engrave mode, make sure you remove overrides from this page. It will then disappear. In layout options>Vertical spacing, make sure that empty staves are hidden.
In Write mode, put galley view on (cmd-alt-2), so that you have a clear view of everything in your score (including the empty staves hidden in page view). Input a hard space (alt-shift-space) on empty bars with system text (shift-x) — that’s the workaround I was referring to at the beginning. You can alt-click that shift-x text to go faster, anywhere you need empty staves to be “un-hidden”. Make sure you don’t put any of those when the cello goes solo : it will then appear on its own in page view (cmd-alt-1), which is what you want.
Hope this helps !

Thank you Marc! Tedious, but workable. Cheers!

Ah - one problem - this breaks up multi-measure rests in the parts. Looks like I’ll go with my current system, inserting a “Blank” master page template and just not include the page when I export/print the score.

Ok, I did not think about that. What could easily be done (once everything is written) is duplicate that flow, use the workedaround version for the full score, and the one without hard spaces for the parts…

If you’re prepared to go to such lengths, it might be quicker to something along the following lines:

  1. End the main flow (Flow 1) before the cello solo.
  2. Have the cello solo as a separate flow (Flow 2) that only appears in the score.
  3. Make another flow (Flow 3) that contains the same number of bars as the cello solo, that only appears in the parts.
  4. Add bar number changes to the first bars of Flows 2 and 3 so that they follow on from Flow 1.
  5. Delete the final bar line at the end of Flow 1 - it should automatically become a regular barline.
  6. Turn off Flow Headings for Flow 2/3 in relevant layouts.
  7. If your other players don’t actually play at all during the cello solo, turn off Tacets in the part layouts.

Thank you both.

Marc- interestingly, I couldn’t get hard spaces (alt-shift-space) to work, but normal spaces did the trick (when I was trying that method). I’m on a Mac. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

Pianoleo- I thought about this as well, but ultimately decided to go with my “Blank” master page. Interestingly, when following these steps:

  1. Create a Blank master page with nothing on it
  2. Arrange the flows how I need them
  3. Assign the Blank master page to the first extraneous page and select “from this page onwards”

The extraneous pages condense down to one blank page. Easy enough to deal with on export. (And, if it works out, may be the back of a page anyway.) This seems to be the easiest method for dealing with a solo at the end of a flow. Hopefully at some point Dorico will be able to handle hiding individual staves.

So far I have only found a few features that I’m still keeping my previous software around for. Dorico’s workflow is so fantastic.