delete project/template

I started out using N4 with poor habits saving projects. I would like to start from scratch but can’t seem to figure out deleting from pool or cleanup. I am quite a newb and it is embarrassing how little I know about computers in general. I probably shouldn’t be messing with digital recording but I am a stubborn old man that refuses to give up. Please take pity and help out. Thanks in advance.

the whole pool functionality is explained in great detail in chapter 20 of the operation manual.

you can download the manual from the steinberg ftp site if you don’t have it to hand or on your system

Thanks Max. I have the manual and will try this out. I guess I was just on overwhelm because I haven’t used the program in a long time and I was picking an poking. I see I highlighted my manual extensively through chapter 20. Back to the drawing board.

Do you or anyone have a particular method for organizing that allows the best ease of access, workflow, and management you would be willing to share. I want to start over right so I don’t get in this mess again. Manuals are a c hallenge for me to follow because I get lost in the most basic terminology of the computer world.

I am a 60yr old psychotherapist/guitar player of 50yrs/wanna be recording engineer with liimited intuition regarding any good methods of organizing files of any sort including my day gig office hard files let alone computer files.
(the 60’s were pretty rough on this old brain).

Please be gentle…any suggestions very welcome. I’m not lazy…I just need it slow an’ simple.

OK. I started a new project by openning New Project, click on a template and saved the project under the song name.npr. This put the song/project in this folder. If I keep this up I will only have 1 folder with all my songs. Do I need to use this one folder and create subfolders in it and then put songs in each subfolder?

If so, then the hierarcy would be AUDIO/Sub Audio 1/Songs??

Am I on the right track? If so, how is this done??

Thanks for sticking with me.

our workflow is this:

create new project folder on media drive
name it. e.g. 18764|Client Name|Job or Song Title [the first number relates to the studio, so 1 is studio 1, 2 is studio 2 etc]
create new project in nuendo
when prompted for the project folder navigate to the folder you just created

repeat for the next project/job/song

so on the drive you have a separate folder for every project. all files (video, audio, mixdowns, backups, notes, etc) relating to that project are kept in that folder. so when we are archiving (or restoring) everything is in one place. dead easy.

Thanks Max

Still no luck. Maybe I don’t know what you meant by media drive?? I took it to mean the Media pulldown on the N4 toolbar??? Probably not huh? Here’s what I did:

  1. Opened N4
    2.Clicked on _New Project_3. Screen opens to a page that has Nuendo Projects in a pull down box on the top, a search box to the right of this and at the bottom of the screen, a box with All Readable Documents on the bottom of the screen.
  2. From here I can’t access the Media pull down menu on the tool bar above this sreen because nothing is highlighted when I select Media so I pull down the box on the top of the screen labeled Nuendo Project.
  3. From here I choose Audio Folder that opens to Empty, Default, Template, Template (Past templates I created and can’t seem to get rid of???)
  4. I then choose a Template
  5. The empty project opens with my template settings and I can then access the highlighted Create Project from the pulldown.
  6. The Media pulldown disappears and nothing happens. If I record on this template and then do Save As from the File pull down I end up with yet another project under the same Audio folder thta all my projects go to.

I am feeling hopeless. I go back to the manual consistently and only seem to make things worse. It’s likely that my previous attempts at deleting and starting over have really screwed the whole thing up.

I feel like reloading the whole N4 program and having someone take me through every single key stroke in starting over, except were would one get that kind of tutoring? Accessing someone local is out of the question because I live in a very remote rural place. To even begin finding someone would take me 100-300 miles away IF I could find a person there somehow.

I hope you can help out here. Any suggestions welcome. I am egoless here and just need basic help. Perhaps accessing a knowledgable computer person locally could help. This seems so basic?

Thanks so much for your patience and help here. Suggestions?? John

drop me a pm with your email and let me know where you are. I could do a teamviewer session with you later today.

That sounds great.

Just a quick post to thank you publicly. Things are workin’ smooth.
You’re the best…enjoy and best wishes, jp