Delete/replace UV22HR plugin = Crash !!!

hi all

it is just me, or somebody else suffer this?

  • insert uv22hr plugin on any plugin slot at one track
  • save and close cubase
  • re open the project
  • try to delete the uv22hr plugin OR replace it with other plugin
  • VOILA!, cubase 5.5.3 crash!

my system :

  • cubase 5.5.3
  • uad2 solo
  • tc powercore pci mk2
  • proc intel q9450
  • mobo intel DP35DPM

any solution or help?, because it really frustating


What do you mean by delete? Clicking No Effect? If this is what you mean, then I can’t reproduce it in CE5.1.1. Is this on individual tracks? If so, how does it work on the master channel?

an video tell lots of words, sorry for the squeeze picture :smiley:

That is strange. No error message or anything. I might check in the folder in Cubase 5 and see if you can find a LOG file. It seems you have found a bug, but I can’t reproduce it. You have two options it seems, in addition to confirming this with tech support.

  1. Find an alternative dithering plugin
  2. Update to Cubase 6

You might also consider moving the dll file to a different location. Could you reproduce this on the Elements 6 trial? It’s almost as if you hit Alt+F4 and it closed out, but that would be inpossible since you had made changes.

I’ve had this happen before but it’s not consistent. Maybe only about twice before but I got an error message.
Which brings another thought. It’s only happened to me twice because I’ve only tried to insert it in a track twice. I did that only in testing the plugin but I would only actually use it on the final output. My question to you is, why would you dither one track instead of the final mix? Maybe that’s a misplacement in and of itself.

so do you mean that, cubase can only load 1 instance of uv22hr in one project?

my workflow when mastering on cubase is:

  • i always mastered the first song as good as it gets, as a guidance and template for other song
  • i mastered that first song, using all plugins including dither
  • after finish, usually i copy the first song channel setting, and paste it to master stereo out, and for the master stereo out i only using the maximizer/limiter/uv22hr dither, and bypass the eq/comp/etc
  • i also paste the first song channel setting to other song channel, and bypass the maximizer/limiter/dither plugins, and just using the eq/comp/etc
  • the problem is, cubase 5 always crashed when i want to replace the unused uv22hr on the channel track
  • so i just let uv22hr hanging there, baypassed and doin nothing, just sit and eat one precious plugin slot, and maybe laughed at me

maybe the uv22hr is only allowed to load ONE instance in each project, and the work around is i have to change my workflow a bit

but, i think its kinda funny, that i can load million of other plugin, but i can only just load ONE uv22hr plugin?

I don’t think that loading more than one instance of uv22hr is the problem as much as “where” you load it. If it’s loaded in the plugin slot of a single track, it seems to me that it would crash the Cubase program because it’s in a position that’s it’s not intended in my opinion. If loaded in the final stereo output stage, it seems to me that it hasn’t posed a problem, at least not in my case. Being as dithering is intended to prepare your final mix for export to a different file, such as mp3 or cd, I would think that it was intended to be in the final stereo mix in opposed to a single channel/track.
I make templates of song settings and arrangements also but the uv22 is always in the final stage.

thanks for yout opinion :slight_smile:

now i just hope some of steinberg guy kindly enough to come here and help this problem :slight_smile:

I’m with you there Blinkers! :slight_smile: