Delete Reply?

I gave an incorrect answer to someone’s question, and I want to delete that answer. If I wrote the original post, I can delete it. However, I don’t see the same button when I try to delete my Reply to someone else’s post.

Is there no way to delete a Reply?


I don’t think you can, but you can edit your reply, or you can ask a moderator (like me) to delete it.

There should be a little “x” button next to the other buttons (e.g. “EDIT”) at the top right of your own posts, if you want to delete them.

Or, if you edit your post, there is a tick-box for “Delete post” at the top of the editing window.

Thanks, Rob.

That appears to be true for my own original posts, but not for my Replies to other people’s posts. (And not that it matters, but even with my own posts, I don’t have the “x” button you refer to, just the “Delete post” tick-box in the editing window).

Hm… I don’t know why my account should be anything special, unless you get more privileges after you make enough posts to become a “member” and not a “junior member”.

EDIT: There’s something strange going on here. The attached screen shot (before I made this edit) shows the X icon against one of my posts, but not the other one. I can’t think why.

You should be able to delete posts as long as they have not been replied to. I’ve done it often…

Rob, I don’t know what to make of that. When I tried to delete the Reply I was referring to, I hadn’t edited it, but there was still no Delete “x”.

Fratveno, thanks—I didn’t realize the “deletability” changed after someone had replied. However, I wasn’t asking about original posts, just replies.

I wasn’t referring to OP either… Actually I replied to one of your posts yesterday, but when I realized you had edited it and answered all your questions yourself, I deleted my reply without any problems…

The way it works is, the last post to a thread can be deleted by the person who posted it. Previous posts can be edited but not deleted. Moderators can delete anythng they want. muhuhahaha! :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, that explains all the behaviors I’ve encountered—thanks much, Steve.