Delete rests from the start of a piece

How do I delete both rests in bar 1+2?

I can end voice on the first rest to get

but how do I remove the first rest?



Have you tried reducing it to 1% in properties?

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No, did not think of that.
A peculiar solution, but perhaps only one available in version 4.x?

Or just select the first rest and remove it? Most of the time, you’ll probably find that using the Remove Rests command is easier and quicker than manually activating/deactivating the Starts/Ends voice properties, with the added bonus that you can assign a key command to it.

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I tried that command on both rest, and it only had effect on the 2nd rest. Nothing happened on the first. When I select the firs rest and “Remove rest” nothing happens to the 1st, but the 2nd re-appears again.

You often can’t remove the first rest in a project with Remove Rests, until you’ve done something that gives it a property. Properties / Rest position usually works. Assign a rest position to the rest you can’t remove, then try Remove Rests again.

I tried moving the rest position and then removing rest. It did not work.
I have attached the file if anyone wants to see if I have some specific setting that causes the problem
Delete rest.dorico (817.1 KB)

Move the first full bar to the lower staff (Alt-M), then cross it back up to the top staff (N). Then remove the quarter rest in the pick-up bar.

When you cross notes to other staves, rests in those bars are hidden automatically (in different ways, depending on the durations involved).

Delete rest_LH.dorico (428.3 KB)

Hmm, it’s not working for me either. :man_shrugging:

The “blank notation” workaround will work though, as long as you don’t need small slashes in your project.

Add a Slash region, click the Small slashes property, then delete the glyph from the Small slashes notehead set. You can then apply a “blank notation” style to wherever you want and it will hide any music underneath.
Blank notation.dorico (816.1 KB)