Delete rests

How can I delete Rests? Even if I switch of the insert mode and with the other solution written in this Forum I cannot delete Rests!

Under what circumstances do you want to delete the rests? If you are trying to remove rests that are shown because you have started a new voice, then the best way to handle this is to select the last note in the voice after which you want the rests to disappear, open the Properties panel, and choose ‘Ends voice’, which also allows you to choose between ending the voice immediately (i.e. before the end of the current bar) or after the following barline.

I’ve been trying to find a way of hiding rests in the upper stave of a piano part when notes from the lower stave are flipped up.

Similar approach should work there: find the last note in the voice that started on the upper staff, and set it to ‘Ends voice’.

As I’ve said in another thread, we do need a way of automatically hiding rests in an otherwise empty staff if you start crossing notes and chords from another staff into it, which the program doesn’t yet do.

Thank you for your help. I could solve the problem. I have found the order “trim flow” under “write” menue.
If I choose the last note, the following rests disappear. But I have not found the order “Ends voice” like you tell us. It could help us all, if you could be so kind, to find things in the most quickest way, it means, to tell which menue or which panel on which side, may be even the position. Thank you very much again!

click the note that ends the voice, have the inspector panel (at the bottom) open, lower left has “Ends Voice”…