Delete Selected Range on All Tracks only shifts one track

This may be a naive question, as I’m trying to do something I haven’t tried before.

I have a montage with 6 tracks, each of which is a single clip. I select a range in one of the tracks and click Delete Selected Range on All Tracks. The range on the track in which I made the selection is deleted and the section to the right moves left to fill the gap, as expected, but on the remaining tracks, the range appears to be erased and the right portion of those tracks does not shift left. Possibly relevant settings: Time Lock is unchecked, Ripple is None, AutoGrouping has nothing checked.

Is this the expected behavior? It seems contrary to the documentation. Is there another way to achieve the same effect?

A possibly related question: If, in the same montage, I make a selection on a track then click Split Clips on All Tracks, the expected split occurs. However, if I then check Global in AutoGrouping and try to slide the selected clip to the right, the overlapping clips on the other tracks don’t move. This also seems contrary to the documentation.

WaveLab version 11.1.20

I think I may have figured this out. I have to first turn off Time Lock on every track, then the deletion works as expected. Apologies for not trying this before posting.