Delete Silent Audio

It would be suuuuch a time saver if there was a feature that could take a selection, find all audio within that selection that is dead silent (no value at all), and delete that audio.

This mostly would help me when I’m importing large 200+ track projects, where I’m cleaning everything up and a third of the files are actually just silence. Some tracks will have a blip of something here or there, or are reverb sends with almost nothing, yet are important to keep… so you not only have to go through and delete all these tracks, but you have you be really careful so that you don’t delete tracks that just look silent but actually do contain some data.

Even if all the tracks had something on them, this would help keep me visually organized so that I can see which tracks are actually being used at any given time.

I don’t know if this feature exists in any DAW yet, but it would be really really cool!

You mean “detect silence??

It’s been a feature for over 6 years, or have I misunderstood you??

  • if I import tracks, always normalize all tracks, so I can see the waveforms a bit better. :wink:

Oh snap! I guess I missed that! I guess I was kind of thinking about a keycommand that instantly processes multiple events all at once without having a new window open for each one. But actually this should work just fine, it even has more advanced options than I even had in mind…

I guess I’ll delete this post here in a bit seeing as how it already exists. Thanks again!

Oh poop… Can I even delete this post?