Delete superfluous note values from a measure

[Dorico newbie] I imported a score via MusicXML, now I am “cleaning up”. At one point I had to move some notes. However, I must have made something wrong and now 3 additional eight rests were created at the end of a 6/8 measure (so a total of 9/8 was created).
I tried deleting them by selecting the notes and hit backspace; also chose “Cut” from the right-clicked drop down menu… but to no avail.

How can I tell Dorico to delete any and all superfluous note values at the end of a measure?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-26 um 12.41.58

The time signature signpost (the red flag with “6/8 (e, 3+3)” in it) is indicating something’s going on with that bar.

Try selecting the barline at the start of bar 25 and deleting it, or re-inputting a 6/8 time signature there. That should result in a barline coming back where the clef changes are.

You can also delete beats using the bars and barlines popover (enter “-2e” to delete two eighth notes’ worth of rhythmic time), but it’s worth trying to get it “back to normal” because just deleting those two quaver/eighth note beats will still result in there being an extra beat in that 6/8 bar.

Dorico doesn’t normally end up with unexpectedly longer bars, although you can end up with shorter bars if you input a time signature before another existing one, and there wasn’t already enough rhythmic time between the two to produce a full, final bar. You can fix that using Insert mode.

When importing XML, you might find that deactivating more options in Preferences will result in better-behaved Dorico projects.

Thank you for your lightning-fast, extensive answer, @Lillie_Harris ! Awesome!!!