Delete time and ruler/ grid


I am currently editing a fully recorded song with a multi track drum part that wanders all over the place.

I cave successfully created a tempo map which matches the song perfectly.

The problem I have is that there are some places where I really need to delete time across the entire project- i.e. Cut the multi track tape and remove very small slices!

The problem I have is that when I delete time it doesn’t actually delete the time from ruler/grid. It does delete time from the tempo map so this correctly follows the music, but the song is now out of sync with the grid / ruler.

Does anyone know if there there a way of deleting time that actually deletes time from the grid too?

Hi and welcome,

When the Tempo track is shown in the project (Add Tempo Track), the Tempo track is affected by the Delete Time function. The same is true for the the Signature track.

Hi Marin,

Thanks for your reply.

But my question is about the grid / ruler. Why do this remain uneffected by delete time?


This has to stay unchanged, this is the time ruler. What would you expect?

Could you upload two screenshots (one “before” and one “after”, so we can see what is happening), showing the Ruler, and any audio or MIDI Parts (don’t need all of them, just enough to see what is moving and what isn’t :wink: )?

Hi Martin,

Without wishing to sound facicious, I would expect the delete time function to delete time! I need it to. If you work to tempo map because the song has been played live then you can have a situation where an individual bar is too long. like I said it’s the equivillant of editing the multi track tape.

It can be very confusing, believe me I know!

I recommend that you do upload as vic-france recommends, it should be easier to get some help then.