Delete time between L R locator possible bug wit cpr size

Yesterday I edited live concert 120minutes long material 11 audio tracks. When I was in the middle of my edits there was autosave which toke to long. I checked the size of last saved cpr and jumped up in size from 15mb to 200mb which is not normal.
After that I went step back with my edits and did it again but deleted time with razor tol, I deleted selected region with delete fuction. This time I saved again and there was normal cpr size. Is this possible bug??


I try to understand your message. If I understand you right…

  • Have a project.
  • Set Left & Right Locators.
  • Delete Time
  • Save the project (in your case, it was fine by auto save).
    => The Project size is unreasonable large.

Do I understand it right, please?

Yes, after using delete time first autosave was uncomon long and there was to big cpr file. Also normal save made to big file. Its true that I had 11 mono tracks and recorded whole concert of cca 2 hours ,after that I did clean up between songs which cause this big files.
It is not common project but should work…


I have tried on 1-hour long project (65 tracks). The CPR file size is 9.2MB (9 168 588 bytes). If I Delete Time (around 5 minutes), the size is 9.2MB (9 174 604 bytes).

Thank you for your test,
in specific project I had , I got problem this way:
did you do your test the way you selected range with range tool light blue selection and after that used delete time function or you did it the way you deleteted time between left-right locator?
My problem came when I deleted time between locators, but not deleted time of selected range with same command.

I forgot to mention which way exactly I deleted time and got big file after that:)


I was using the Left & Right Locators.

Then is my problem,
you have tried on Windows version like I have?


No, I’m on Mac. But I would be really wondering, of this would be platform specific.

Can you replicate it?

I ll try it again if it hapends allways

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