Delete time/Insert silence errors


I am working on a NPR with Nuendo 5.5.6. I am working in musical mode and all tracks are set to musical mode. Somewhere in the middle of the project I select a range and with the range option in the pulldown menu I want to do a ‘Delete time’. Now problems arise. In some tracks at the right side of the range selection, parts are pulled back in time too much. Partly they are dragged on top of eachother. This happens with MIDI and audio tracks. The only thing noticable is that tracks with smaller parts suffer from this problem most. In this project I use tempo and signature changes. But they were far away from the range I selected. So I think that is not the problem.
I am having this problem in several, smaller and bigger, projects. Also with ‘Insert silence’ these problems occur.

Thanks for your help

I tried support but:

  • email support Yamaha: There is no nuendo email support form.
  • email support Steinberg: No reply
  • Phone yamaha tech support DE: nobody takes up the phone
  • Phone Yamaha tech support NL: nobody takes up the phone
  • Phone Steinberg NL: queue, 0.90 euro per minute, after some time I hung up
    Great service!

There are 2 possibilities i can think of. 1 is that snap is on in the project window, fairly obvious, you probably thought of that. The second is that there is a different pref for MIDI to snap to bars when recording (possibly editing too) in the general preferences. This could be giving you trouble. It tripped me up with punching in MIDI recording before i found it.

i’ve ran into this issue when i tried programming some ‘shift time and duplicate range’ type of macros; it was the snap-point settings of the audio events (ie. not ‘snap on/off’ settings as such)-- this can be an issue when snap points in audio events are set to elsewhere than the beginning of that event. if this doesn’t disrupt your workflow, you can try the following: select all the events, locate to the beginning, and ‘set snap point’ (for all of them at once). then try your delete time command again, and see if now it’s working as expected. (NB: i don’t think however that this would affect MIDI events, so maybe your issue is showing some more low level buginess in the code.)