Delete Time on midi tracks - odd behavior?

New Cubase user, using 12.0.40 (Artist). Moving over from Ableton Live, been an intense 3-day spin-up and am nearly ready to start using it.

Have a test project with 3 midi tracks with long chords that span longer than 1 bar. I can highlight/select a bar to delete across all tracks just fine.

When I Delete Time it splits the midi clip at the start of the delete time range and correctly shifts all following track notes to the left. BUT any midi notes that span past the bar I’m trying to delete don’t get shortened at all. Notes contained inside the deleted bar are deleted fine.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is how Cubase works. There is no other way, sorry.

Delete Time should follow the Split MIDI Events in Preferences. It it does not, it’s because it hasn’t been coded properly, hence it has to be fixed.
This setting should apply to any form of MIDI Part shortening, not just the Split tool.

Louis, good suggestion to check the Editing|Midi “Split MIDI Events” preferences parameter. After checking that option Delete Time (DT) works when you have long notes spanning longer than the delete time block. But midi DT is still quirky. I’m offering info below since these posts appear in Internet searches–hope it helps a few others.

Per the op if you have “Split MIDI Events” deselected then DT fails to delete any time from notes that are longer than the delete time block. With “Split MIDI Events” checked DT works but it leaves these artifacts:

  1. The midi event(s) where you deleted time are split
  2. The Project track condensed view of the midi notes in the 2 split events don’t line up–which makes it look like DT failed. This is because DT has changed the Editor vertical cursor position on the downstream event which also shifts the midi notes view in the Project track.

A work-around to these artifacts is to select all track events on either side of the DT then Glue them to eliminate the splits and realign the midi notes views. Too time consuming for a simple DT command IMHO.


That’s the expected behavior, all the following Events/Parts on the track get moved to the left, because you delete time, it isn’t like a normal delete.

Can you post a screenshot or video of this ?
Everything lines up properly on my side, I see nothing wrong.

Thanks much Louis. Yes I totally understand how delete time should work, I used it all the time in Ableton Live. My final comments had to do with the artifacts a DT leaves behind. Later today I’ll post some screenshots. The other artifact I have not yet posted is that because the underlying Cubase method of doing cuts to execute a DT any notes that span across the time delete region get turned into 2 back-to-back notes.