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I’m often taking moments to listen to compositions and arrangements and listening for any parts that jump out as needing to be changed.

And as playback is occurring, I hear things on the fly that need some slight adjustments… A different MIDI not length, a section of notes that aren’t needed/can be muted, a fade that should be longer, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Who doesn’t do this? Right?

Depending on how I am zoomed in, and how wide the workspace is… If Auto-Scroll is on, I might be in the middle of making an adjustment when it then pages to the next section.

Example: intended to make small resize to note, scroll causes resize mistake.

Examples of what this should include:
Adjust Fades
Resizing Notes/Events
Making a Selection
Moving a Note/Event
Drawing Automation

ie, anytime the left mouse button is held.

Have you tried turning on “Suspend Auto-Scroll when Editing”?
Suspend Auto-Scroll

i edit midi, it doesnt scroll as the cursor plays thru.

i hope you find what you’re looking for.