delete tracks, stereo tracks

I just upgraded to 6. No regrets so far. But can somebody tell me how to delete tracks? In C5 I just selected the track and pressed delete. For some reason that doesn’t work in C6. My arranger window gets clogged up with unused tracks. Also I cannot see the difference between a mono and a stereotrack if there’s no audio on it at a glance (I used to be able to…)which is a pain. Thanks in advance…

shift ,delete, removes selected track
if you go to track setup at the bottom of the lanes unhide track configuration and it will show 1 small dot for mono and a stereo symbol for stereo


ok great! Thanks for the quick reply, John…


Also, you can right-click on the highlighted track(s), and choose “remove selected tracks”.

Is there anyway to get the “delete” function back?
I would like to be able to delete tracks by just click the delete button on my keyboard.

no as far as i know it’s been removed to stop you accidentally deleting tracks !

i could be wrong but i can see why its been done


I don’t think so, its been changed so you can’t delete a track when you only want to delete a part or lots of parts and vice versa. I have done this no end of time by accident and now having to press shift delete will speed up my work flow as I will not have to worry any more about things disappearing.

According to the tutorial videos, this is exactly why it was done, too many people fat fingered their tracks into oblivion!

ah thank you robin ,still haven’t watch the vid’s yet , must make time !


First time I’ve actually watched them since starting out with C4, quite well done this time, though they are aimed at beginners really. I wouldn’t want to date the narrator though, she sounds a little boring! :wink: :laughing:

I’ve lost tracks to that old delete behaviour, so I welcome the change.

yes i must a mit i have in the pass woken up from an all night session and realised iv’e deleted my way to oblivion and saved ,oouucchhh :blush: many hours lost ,so yep i too welcome the change .

i caught a glimpse of one of the vids and i think thats why i didn’t watch them ,the monotonic voice was sending me to sleep , so sheds loads of caffeine i order i think ,half a bottle of jd ,what ever is closer at the time :wink: :laughing: