delete unused media

ok so i’m a bit of a dumbass…
last night i decided to clean out my cubsae files and remove unused media…
but when i loaded in one of my tunes 6 tracks of audio we’re missing???
and yes i clicked erase rather and remove to trash… ouch
is there any way to get them back

Remove unused media should only remove unreferenced clips to the pool bin! you can only delete clips permanently from the pool bin!

Did you use Empty Trash and select Erase Permanently?

For you to have missing files you must of had clips/files that were referenced from a different project pool!

It may be worthwhile having a look in the actual audio folders of different projects for the missing files!

If you did actually erase the files your only hope would be an undelete type program.

tried recuva and stellar phoenix recovery but they’re not finding my missing files :frowning: