delete variaudio for multiple clips

I need to delete the variaudio pitch changes on 500+ audio clips. Is there a way to turn off variaudio for all clips?
Right now the only way I’ve found is to select one clip and in variaudio > reset > pitch changes, but it seems to work for one clip only.
I’ve also tried the “offline process history” but variaudio doesn’t show up in there.
And in the pool, there is no option such as “reset pitch changes”.
Any idea?


Enable the Info Line in the project window, select all of the audio events and then change their time stretch algorithm to something else other than Standard - Solo. This will remove the VariAudio edits.

I don’t remember if there’s a more elegant way to do this, sorry.

VariAudio processing is done in real time, that’s why you wont find it there.

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thanks! it seems to be working, it’s just that I need to click 500 times on the “continue” when the message about losing variaudio appears…
thanks though, I’ll just be patient and click

Just thinking out loud; would be nice in there, to add a couple of new checkboxes [Feature Request]:-

  • Selected Clip only
  • All Selected Clips

You, good Sir, have saved me a lot of time!
How many times did I see this dialogue when I started because I thought I could use a different, better algorithm on my tuned tracks… And now that I need to produce this “mistake” I couldn’t think of it.

Thanks! Great solution.