Delete vst from Artist 11

I want to delete unused VSTs from the drop down menus…I figured out how to look in the right side VST rack and click on the name and select
no VST…that disables the VST but it still shows up in the menu when you select an instrument track…I also deleted the folder associated with the VST. But how do you get rid of it from the menus?? I thought for sure it would be an option listed in the VST manager selection but for some reason its not …

Use the VST Plugin Manager and delete them from the right hand pane. I would recommend using the copy feature to copy to a new menu and customize it to your liking. If you still have VST’s showing up where you don’t want them, try higlighting the VST in the LEFT pane and go to the info pane at the bottom and check the HIDE box.

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