Delete WaveLab Element activations codes from eLicenser

I accidentally added two of my activation codes to USB-eLicenser, instead of Soft-eLicenser. And from my understanding it’s not possible to move between USB-eLicenser, and Soft-eLicenser. So I wonder if it’s possible with the use of my proof of purchase to inactivate/delete these codes, and be able to receive new ones. So that I can start the process of registering them all over again.

Another issue is that one of my friends registered one of my purchased keys to his own MySteinberg account, instead of just sending me the serial number, so that I could register it to my own MySteinberg account. So I wonder if it’s possible to move keys between different MySteinberg accounts, or if it’s simply locked to the account it was initially registered to.


You need to contact Steinberg about this because it’s in their wheelhouse. Create a ticket in the Support area.

Funny but my Steinberg products are all on the USB Dongle. I can’t use the ‘Soft elicenser’. Actually I don’t think anyone can? Sure, it shows up in the eLicenser Control Center but I don’t think it actually works. It is described as something for someone to use if they can’t get on line, but, well, I’m not sure that is the case for anyone these days, and if it is, I pity the download process for the various Steinberg products over time.

Actually, my old dongle was acting up and Steinberg suggested I buy a new dongle, which I did. They did not suggest I load to the ‘soft elicenser’.

Soft elicenser works just fine. I use it for my Dorico and wavelab elements licenses, and the USB key to my Cubase pro and other stuff. Soft elicenser is not only for people that can’t go online, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. Soft elicenser cannot download licenses without Internet access.

Here is a quote from the Steinberg site:

“Steinberg programs that are using a Soft-eLicenser - a virtual license container on the hard disk - require a computer with Internet access. Without Internet access, licenses cannot be downloaded via the eLicenser Control Center.”

Create a ticket with Steinberg Support, this is the best answer I have. Sorry.