Deleted flow stays and looks like masterpage...?

In a simple project the following happened, when I tried to delete the second flow:

The 2nd flow is deleted BUT the page stays and looks like masterpage…
This is not an intended behaviour, right?

You’ve probably got an override on that page, which is preventing Dorico from removing it. Go to Engrave mode, and hunt for the relevant page in the top right corner - it’ll have a red corner. Then right-click and “remove override”.

Pre-empting grumbles about intended behaviour and extra work for us users: overrides are how we are able to insert blank pages midway through parts (for easy page turns), etc. There are other instances (that I can’t think of right now) where it’s absolutely necessary for overrides to keep a page in place, regardless of a flow being removed.

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Ok , thanks! I thought that pages are “connected” to flows they were created for and so deleted if you delete the corresponding flow… :slight_smile: Still learning :wink:

As far as I know, it’ll only keep the page if there’s an override (red corner) or a master page change (green corner). Both of those things are manual changes that you’ve made, that are linked to the specific page, not the flow.