Deleted notes always leave signposts

This is a strange one. I’ve put a lot of time into this file, which I use as a template.

But recently (I don’t know when), I’m noticing that when I create a time signature, enter notes, and then delete everything, the measures remain, each with a hidden time signature flag.

Is there a way to “reset” this file so deleting really deletes every measure? I use this file constantly and would like to make sure there’s nothing hidden in it.

00-LEAD TEMPLATE.dorico (438.5 KB)

Can you be more specific about how you’re deleting everything, Dan? I don’t see anything unusual about this project, and it all works as I would expect.

I can replicate it, in that if, from here (same file, different layout) I go Cmd/Ctrl-A Delete, I get a load of signposts.

The thing that seems to be different about Select All is that it selects the barlines, whereas the System Track doesn’t. I’m not sure why that is.

That’s nothing particular to this project, though, Leo. If you do Select All, Dorico selects barlines, and if you delete barlines, you get irregular bars, hence signposts.

I wasn’t suggesting there’s anything specific to this project, just that there’s a difference between Select All and using the System Track. I’m not sure I understand what the difference is between selecting and deleting barlines and selecting and deleting the content between the barlines.

Dan, what happens if you first delete the time signature, then Select All and delete? I think this is similar to selecting with System Track, in that it does not select the original time signature (yielding the same results). I’m also wondering why you get the individual time signatures for each measure.

Indeed, that works.

I just find this behavior a bit unexpected. If I select everything and delete, I would expect it to be gone: barlines, bars, notes, the whole thing (except perhaps for a single quarter rest, as it appears in a new project). The forced signposts are a bit confusing. I can find my way around it alright, but I’m thinking of newer users.

I’m confused on why I get measures padded out when using your template and entering a time signature. I don’t see that behavior on a new Dorico project. (Sorry if I don’t know a way to pre-set number of measures…).

A new flow starts with a single crotchet/quarter beat. Dan’s flow had 84 crotchet/quarter beats’ worth of stuff, then he deleted it all. The flow itself doesn’t change length when you do that.

Ah, so it retains that bit of demarcation regarding time! Thanks Leo. Good to know.

It actually retains a little more than that. For instance, if you manually drag a bar number, then delete those bars, then reuse that same flow (with the same time signature and the same casting off), that moved bar number will still be wherever you dragged it. (Or at least, historically this was the case; I can’t say I’ve tried recently.)

For this reason, I don’t advocate cutting everything out of a flow to use as a template. Go into Notation Options and set the flow’s current Notation Options as default, then delete the flow entirely (from Setup mode or Project Info), then create a new flow. That way you can be sure it really is devoid of gremlins.