Deleted players' instruments still appear in the mixer

I’ve deleted several players in my project. And the VSTi configuration keeps changing in my workflow. Unfortunately the mixer is a mess. All the deleted instruments still appear as mixer tracks, even if they’re not in the Setup or VST rack. Am I missing some setting or is this a bug?

Perhaps you should simply export as MIDI or XML and import your music into a new file where you presumably would not have to deal with the deprecated VTS’s.

That is better than reposting your message in multiple threads.

AFAIK the only way to reset the mixer is to apply a playback template (again, to reset all overrides)

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Thank you, Marc. In that case I’ll live with the redundant channel strips - applying a playback temple would likely make it necessary to re-install all the VSTis and re-select their sound presets etc. which would be too laborious.

So is this a known bug? Shouldn’t the mixer reflect the instrument setup in the Setting and VST rack?

I don’t think it’s a bug, but rather a limitation. IIRC there are threads that explain this… something to do with how Dorico talks to the AudioEngine?

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The Mixer shows all of the outputs that are presented by the VST plug-ins in the rack. If the plug-ins are there, the outputs are there. You can try activating the Unused filter on the Mixer toolbar: provided Dorico doesn’t think an instrument is routed to that output, the output will be hidden from the Mixer.

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Thank you. I’m sorry about my confusion; I now realized that the extra strips in the mixer were in fact MIDI tracks. However, for some reason they have instrument names from players that do not exist in the in the Setup of the project any more, so that’s why I thought the mixer does not reflect the contents of the VST rack.