Deleted Post

I’ve recently replied to this thread:

…pointing the poster at the 5 months old collected issue:

…with this addition:
“Steinberg does not seem to be in a hurry to fix it”

2 days later my post has been deleted and I’d like to know why.

It was deleted with ‘off topic’ note, as this is not related to the insert-hover issue discussed here

You’re absolutely right, thanks for clearing that up. I misread the issue description.

Regarding the “off topic” note though, I did not receive one.

“Notify user” is ticked by default, that was most probably my fault unticking it by mistake, sorry.

About the issue when it was reviewed the response was ‘we will take care of that after 8.5.20’, should hopefully be fixed in 8.5.30.

Thank you for the update

Glad to hear that 8.5.30 is coming! :smiley:

Although I’d like to know its (approximate) release date, I know better than to ask. :wink: