Deleted (?) presets in Halion 5

I was messing around with Halion today and accidentally I gave a Guitar preset the Sub Category definition “None”.

Now I have no idea where to find this, and to add insult to injury (or just being plain stupid) I did the same thing with two more guitar presets just to see what happens when you change the sub category to “None” and they disappeared too.

So, I guess they’re still somewhere on my hdd, but I cannot figure out how to get them back and the only one I remotely remember the name of was something like “Above the Rim”.

If you remember the names of the presets, even partially, or any of the other filters you assigned to them, you can manually search for them in the mediabay of HALion 5, via the search box on the top left hand corner of the results listing and when you see them listed, you can then click on the header for the filter you want to change and assign it a new attribute. I usually make the habit of clicking the little circular arrow icon on the top right of the results listing, to force a refresh which will add these changes you made to the mediabay.db file, so they will be easily found again in the future, through a search.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply! I know one preset’s name was Above the Rim (and maybe something more), but searching for “above” or “rim” or “above the rim” doesn’t make anything pop up, and the other two that I set as sub category “none” I have no clue what was called :frowning:

hmmmm, if you know they were guitars and they were assigned, filter wise as so, you can try and filter above the results list, to only show guitar presets. You can then click the sub category header in the results list and it will toggle between showing all presets that relate to that sub category heading. Look for the entries that read none, or most likely will just be blank and show nothing at all, as I don’t believe the word ‘none’ actually shows up.

Best of luck to you on this. I know it must be frustrating, but you live and learn right? Believe me, I have messed up tons of stuff in the mediabay when I was first coming to grips with it, but once you understand the do’s and don’ts, its great to use.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks again, but no luck. Tried that and the presets given the category “none” don’t show up as “None” nor any blanks. Pretty clueless to what I should do other than reinstall the libarary actually :confused:

Very strange! Are you sure you have the correct filtering set, in the top portion of Mediabay? Are you sure you had them tagged originally on the presets themselves? Do you get listings for any guitars when you do this, but not the ones you are after?

Try and go back to the mediabay and click on the very top, left hand cornered double arrow, labelled reset filter and be sure all instrument sets is shown in the box to its right.

Try and click on the double arrow just below that, also on the left labelled clear search text. To the right of that, click the circular arrow labelled rescan disk, to be sure the database is fully updated to list all relevant results.

Try and search for the names of the presets again, or filter as mentioned to see what you come up with. The presets are surely there, it is just having you find them. They don’t disappear, or delete themselves when you change a filtering heading, they simply become ‘lost’ due to you making this change. It is not where it used to be, so you have to find out where it went and start again.

BTW, do you remember exactly which library this came from? HAlion Sonic SE Artist, Basic etc? If you know that, you can filter by library name and try and narrow down your results even more, as that is key here, get rid of all irreverent listings, so you aren’t wading through garbage and allow yourself to focus on the necessary listings.

Again, best of luck!

In checking now for you, for the one name you do remember, I came up with the following:

Above The Rim - Name

Guitar/Plucked - Category

E. Guitar - Sub Category (which you cleared)

HALion Sonic SE pro - Library name

Try and filter under Guitar/Plucked to see what you came up with, narrow it even further by selecting the above Library name as the only results to be shown. If the other two presets were changed under the same listings, you may find them all at the same time.

In case you have personally created presets, filter those away too. Make sure to select the showing of factory content only, not user content, or factory and user content. This will eliminate the listings of any presets, other than the ones that came with the installation of HALion. Doing all the above must get them listed, unless you blatantly erased them. You can find the user/factory filtering icons, to the right of the star ratings, on the search toolbar, on the bottom half of the mediabay results listing. Make sure you have program filter selected as well, not layer filter.

Something here must give! I am about all out of ideas here!

With only Factory Content and Program Filter chosen, and searching for Above the Rim through HALion Sonic SE Pro filtered as the library name says, I cannot find it. Tried all the things in the post you wrote before the last one also. I think I’ll just re-install the library here, takes almost an hour with my crappy DVD-drive, so I wanted some fix, and also for future mishaps, but they seem lost :frowning:

Thanks a million though!

Opened Sonic2 and voila! it (Above the Rim) was there. Question still remains about the other two though cos in Sonic2 it’s labeled as E. Guitar in the Sub Category section.

If you look at my last post, I too have it listed as E. Guitar in the subcategory section, in HALion 5.

Yep, but the question I’m asking myself is why is it gone from HALion 5 and not Sonic?

I dunno what to say there! :open_mouth:. I personally have never had issues quite like this, normally, once I track down the offending preset and change its filtering to my choosing, all is gravy again!