Deleted tracks remain in Mix Console (with audio)

Hey all, I have a project which has become quite big. I am now rendering stems to vastly simplify and reduce the track count. Strangely, when I deleted a bunch of tracks, some of them still play back audio. To test this, I deleted all but 4 tracks, but still the deleted tracks remain in the Mix Console, and they are still playing back the audio that had been on them.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to delete channels from the Mix Console (only to Mute and Hide with the Visibility agent). Is this a “feature” somehow, or a bug? I fear it may be forewarning a serious crash.

Thanks for any insight.

Are you sure you arent hiding the tracks? As opposed to deleting them? Are they in the track list?

I am deleting them by highlighting the tracks in the Project window, and “remove Selected Tracks”. But the tracks still exist in the Mixer and in the Track List (Inspector / Visobility list). Strangely, only a few of the removed tracks are still there, and seem impossible to delete. Also, the ones that remain are under a collapsable list (that little triangle pointing left, or down when expanded). Does this tell you anything?

The reason is that these are bus tracks, check your audio connections and you will see them.