Deleted VST Connect SE

Hi all,

I have, in the past, used VST Connect with great results.
The problem is that I have changed my interface (CI1 to UR 242) and I cannot use VST Connect at all now.
I was lucky enough to be able to visit the MPX 2016 show in Milton Keynes and meet up with the Steinberg rep for UK and ROI.
Dom suggested that the problem might be that, when I bought VST Connect Pro, I deleted the VST Connect SE from my computer?
He suggested that I re-install it, but I cant find tye VST Connect SE files anywhere?
So here are the questions.
1 Do I need to reinstall VST Connect SE for VST Connect Pro to run properly??
2 Where can I get the files from?

I’m guessing that Musicullum will be able to answer my queries but and Steinberg rep would surely be able to help.

Best regards,

Jim B

It would be good to know what your actual problem is, “cannat use at all” is not telling so much?

Firstly, it is nearly 2 months since I posted this, so the response is not very impressive!!!
I outlined my questions but had no response, so I have effectively abandoned VST Connect.
It is only my opinion, but the VST Connect programe would appear to have gone very quiet recently, after such an initial blaze of publicity.
I wonder what that says about the VST Connect application?
From my experience, when it worked it worked well, but more often than not, it was at best very erratic and I wonder if there are any other paying customers that could tell me that my issues were at best unusual?
I would like to use VST Connect more, and I even signed up for the beta testing programe, but after being accepted even that has gone very quiet??

Jim B

Sorry about that, just found this now coming back from vacation. Subscribed to the forum like to many other forums, but the system throws me out again and again. Just don’t have the time to check all the time.

Well, that makes it easy then.

Just says that there are a lot of happy customers who use it successfully.

I will check that. Currently there wasn’t much action simply because there wasn’t that much new development - as said, it works quite well and the silence just means that it does just that. New stuff is also in the making, though.