Nice tune. I like the intro. Lots of depth in this and the vocal shines. Is that a tempo change? :confused:
This is very different from your previous posts, the overall feel and complexity. I can’t be critical.

hey michael how are ya, thanks for taking the time, appreciate it. lol ya, without a click track we were at the mercy of finding an internal head clock. it was supposed to change we just weren’t sure how, lol

I like this piece, can you expand on the “over the phone line” description above? Nicely done. I am a sucker for female vocals!

lol well we don’t have cable high speed, its dsl over the phone. sometimes we use skype to record live song outlines and later rebuild the whole thing in studio. we didn’t get to all of them in time for our cd. this was one of them, unfortunately theres some horrible noise working over skype but its just for ideas. we didn’t get to rebuilding this one but I really liked it myself so I tried to clean it up and added some embelishments after the fact.
glad you liked what was there, thankyou from both of us