thanks all

Crack’in little toon, Bob!! :smiley:

Your music always creates great imagery in my mind

yeah, vocals are a tad on the loud side, but you know that anyway :wink: :slight_smile:

The harmonica parts…Perfect! (good call picking it up! :slight_smile: )


Best song I ever heard in any of these forums.

Honestly cant praise this high enough. I loved it. Completely loved it.

yep thats a big yes ere also ,lovely tune bob,it brought a lump to my throat,thankfully not my trousers. harmonica was just right ,for one moment i thought it was zappa singing you have a very similar tone ,nice one bob loved it.

We can all relate to this Bob. Good stuff :sunglasses:

hey sav, goddfodder, firestamper and philter, wow guys, I still can’t seem to shake this sickness I’ve come down with but I’ll tell ya, yous made me feel a whole heck of alot better this morning, seriously thanks so much friends.
I know the vocal got a bit loud but the way things went down with 1 mic in the room theres not much I can do. funny thing, just to make it more up north authentic, lol the knocks in there are from 2 sticks I brought home from my cottage, known as rock maple, one of the hardest woods in the kawarthas.
again thanks guys, really appreciate it

:laughing: I’d have to agree on dat :blush:

This is full of win :smiley:

After listening to this I’m feeling kind of good too :smiley:

Well done all around.

Strophoid and JSW, many thanks guys, even better if some good vibes transfered. can’t wait till I get back north and get a line in the water.

Hi Bob

Very well done. I really like how you’ve done the vocals. Made me think of David Gilmour.

Nice. :sunglasses: