expired, thanks to all

hi bob you beat me to it ,ive got a bit of a prog rock tune im gonna post soon on here ,mine isnt as upbeat as yours ,anyway nice one again, never know what to expect from you ,this one took me straight back to the late 70`s ,happy times.

Bob, thats trucking good man!! \m/ \m/ :smiley:

It’s good to do different styles sometimes, and as always you have delivered a great toon!


thanks for the listen
hey I’ll look for that track when you post it. ya its weird, never know what sets off the next tune.
and yes! happy indeed, we had it great until the ride program came in…then all the fun was over, lol

lol, that made me chuckle, and wouldn’t ya know it, the truck motor was in the right key.
thankyou sav, much appreciated

I like it. Synths just like whenever it was they used them just like that! Truck starting is such a great intro. Has a good overall sound that I think achieves what you want it to.

Holy crap Bob, the link crashes Firefox. I’ve tried 3 times, kaboom :open_mouth:

hey thanks man. ya I especially had an old melotron sound I never used, now I can delete it, lol.
that old ford still explodes on ignition in e minor, I had to use it

that is the weirdest thing, I have no idea whats going on there. if you right-click is it downloadable. thanks for trying anyway phil, appreciate it. hmm strange thing is you were able to play a previous link, I dunno

Tried that too, same thing :frowning:

Nice one Bob, ever heard of Jazz Jackrabbit? Sounds just like it :smiley:

lol no I never heard tell of it, music for the video game?
thanks for stopping by. I think I had to try and pull a little more topend out of the master, hope I didn’t ruin it

Very nice! :sunglasses:

I like it, you did a good job.
Great synth sounds and the truck sounds good too! :smiley:


Yes, the games have similar music playing in the background. It’s a bit like Sonic the hedgehog with guns :wink:

hey wim thanks for passin through, glad you like. that old prophet doesn’t get enough use. lol the truck was the star

ya I listened to a bit, damn cool

Cool tune. Lots of drive and hiway vibe.

kudos…thoroughly enjoyed it!

hey guys, jet, ferencz, thanks for letting me know. its one of those tracks I would’ve played with forever so maybe its good the original multitrack is gone, lol

Very cool!

My only two nits were

the nice guitar coming out of the left channel is panned too far over, I’d bring it back a bit

during the first and last sections, I think I’m hearing a synth playing 16th notes, propelling the song forward. Problem is, I can’t quite hear it. If I’m hearing what I think I’m hearing, it could com up some. If it’s not there, then my mind is thinking it SHOULD be there :laughing: So you might try a synth that latches at the same pitch playing 16ths for that sort of rhythmic propulsion… although that may be too “Jan Hammer” for your taste :laughing: