needs a little work so deleted for now…

yes beautiful, perfect for that quiet gazing. last year at the end of the season I finally cut a tree down at my summer place that was blocking the sky at night. up there away from the city the stars are so much more visable, I can’t wait to do that this year. I was thinking about that as I listened. very cool, I liked the little progression down, was a nice touch.

yeh that is a realy nice feel ,can hear some nice trippy vocals in there.

Cool. Not sure about the size of that reverb though. Does a guitar resonate so much under the stars round there?
Good work though :sunglasses:

NIce playing, sounds good.
I agree with Phil about the reverb though.


I also think that 'verb is too big and although it sets up some
nice incidental flutter that almost sounds like padded percussion it
makes the bottom end a bit murky.

But a nice piece!


It’s almost like your trying to tell me something here :wink:

Seriously though nice one guys. Thx for all your kind words and advice. Now this reverb issue has been raised i cant hear anything else, so im gonna give it some tweaking and perhaps give this a second run through here. Really appreciate your time and comments though.

nice one! :sunglasses:

Something to try is to use a delay with just a little bit of reverb. The echoes are great for creating that mystical sound but a reverb is like an infinite number of echoes and very quickly becomes noisy. The delay effect can create a few discreet echoes and clean up the ambience a lot.