thanks everyone…off to the cottage

yes like the vox and the tune has something to it…the bridge is a bit messy …not clear where it is leading to but still keeps me listening. Maybe a little more groove to the drums…a soft pulsing pad …mmm :unamused:
work it out! and keep the vocals… :smiley:

appreciate your thoughts. ya theres a slight pad there, I had it fuller but it was overdriving the mids checking on a cheap stereo so I cut the bottom half out, not sure if I should give it a touch more gain. the randomness of it grows on me a bit while keeping jas as the main smoothness. I dunno if it makes it different, which I like, or distracting.
think I’ll give it a couple days to let the dust settle.

Very nice song. Yeah, keep that vocal take.

The changes throw me, I can’t figure out what’s going on.


thanks jet. ok I’ll work on it tonight, if I straighten out the drums at the bridge parts, is the rest liveable?

hi bob,i think theres a lot of potential for this tune Jass voice sounds realy sexy :sunglasses: and all the instruments sound right ,its just the section with the funny timing bit, i havent tried to understand it, it`s weird to say the least, me and my missus tried smooching to it and we kept falling over at that point with our legs all tangled up :blush:or even :smiling_imp: then :smiley: (just joking). but the chords and vocals and overall feel are realy nice with a lovely deep ambience .

you never heard of 13.6/9.4 time…wow I thought you guys were worldly gents, :laughing: I’ll see if I can get it to whole numbers anyway, maybe even just adding a steady hi-hat there would help. see what I can do fellas.
much appreciate the listen man

Hiya Bob. Damn fine stuff with some damn fine singing. Agree about the bridge though, that needs some work alas. Maybe some 9th chords, 16th chords, whatever, and then aim for the new key or settle back into the original key. Bridge has to say the piece is going somewhere basically :sunglasses:

hey phil thanks. I did try some things, kind of a tough one…edit: I might even try taking the drums right out and adding more synths’ lol
your avatar is giving me a neck pain, :laughing: good one
cheerzzz bak

The AV will make Riff jealous :laughing:

Boy, reverb is making a comeback here lately!

I really like the track, everything about it. But I agree with the previous comment regarding some rhythmic content. I think you can easily solve that by simply having the ride cymbal play steady quarter notes (and eigth notes) instead of just one 1 and 3. Actually, there was one little section later in the piece where you did this and it helped immensely.

appreciate that, it really helps. I think thats all I will do is get the ride working better throughout. scratching my noodle over this one between keeping it loose but still some continuity.
btw, hope I didn’t overdo the verb, lol, I had more, then less, then a bit more, then less, etc etc…

Who’s the vocalist? I’ve never heard of Jas. Is she a member? I’m in lust with her voice and would write for her if she were willing to sing for such projects.

no shes not a member. we formed a kind of partnership called blueonblue. funny, no one was interested in working with her until I produced her vocals. hopefully our best stuff is ahead of us.

Overall… nice! I get what folks are talking about re the ‘awkward’ moments.
Love the voice… there are a few pitch issues though. They’d be worth tweaking.


I heard those too but they’re nothing that can’t be fixed in 30s with Melodyne or something similar.

I’m still entranced by the voice though…

Hey Bob,

Is Jas as sexy as her voice?? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Nice tune, verses are great, but I think im guna have to jump on the bridge timing wagon :confused: :frowning:
Cant offer any advice im afraid, I still struggle with 4/4 :laughing:

Apart from that, very smooooth! :sunglasses:


thanks guys, we really appreciate the listens and thoughts. I have made some adjustments based on posts in the thread about the randomness and I realize it seems still awkward but this maybe one of those times I’m out of my element, if I have an element, lol. it could be that when you make the tune, you get it, or you’re hypnotized into it I dunno. I’ve made plenty of tight tunes, but I just dunno, I’m stumped. personally I like it.
ya theres a couple pitchy parts, wow you guys are tough to crack. I’ll have one more tweak session. I need a drink, wheres dave with that brown ale!!!

YES!! :mrgreen:

Tell me about it! :smiling_imp: At least you haven’t had to put up with 8 years of ‘that snare sux’ :laughing: