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Hi Bob,

…erm, wheres the floor tom?? :confused: :laughing: :wink:

Nice song, and mix sounds pretty fine to me :sunglasses: . Ive trashed my ears a bit today so ive only had a couple
of listens so far and my initial thoughts are -
vocal just a tad high, maybe?
the break leading to the tempo change, could something go in there to build up for the tempo change?
The sticks/blocks (sorry dont know what you call 'um :blush: ) could they come up a little, seem a little shy in the mix I think?!


lol still thinkin about that f-tom. funny thing, I posted a rock song a while back, don’t know if you heard it or not but in that song I used the floor tom as my ride cymbal. I hate to revisit it but I might just to mess with the tom sound. of course I’ll have to get your permission first. :wink:

thats exactly what I wanted to hear mate. I always start with the vocal a tad high now, got tired of hearing “the vocal can come up” :laughing: I will adjust it down a shade.
and yes the sticks are small branches cut from a maple tree, while recording I kept hittin the mic, lol. I backed away too far from the mic and didn’t compensate on gain, I will push them up a bit.
I’ll have to sleep on your build suggestion, to be honest I quite like the surprise about it but I will think it over.
thanks alot sav, makes things easier for the next render

Coming alone nicely.

A few suggestions from me.

There are some sharp vocal attacks here and there which you could tame.
If they are on the file, maybe go in and do some surgery. Perhaps smoothen
out the EQ a little too.

I agree that maybe the break before the change could be re-thought.
A zillion things could happen, even if it were just a few percussive clues
as to what was coming.

My gut instinct with the sticks is to crush the range out of them and then turn
them up in the project that way.

Cool tune,


I think the 909 works quite well for the track, the snare moreso than the bassdrum though. The track could use some slightly more present drumfills 1:05 and again at 1:30.

thanks much jet, absolutely needed to tame a few of those slews to hit the vocal note, I did do some surgery. I narrowed the freq on the sticks a bit.
the setup to the change is puzzling me, theres not much time there for an introduction, but I’m still thinking on it.
appreciate your thoughts.

@Strophoid, agreed they are a bit lacklustre hey. thanks for listening in

Nice. :sunglasses: Got quite a dreamy kind of vibe to it. Mix sounds quite warm and rich, acoustics sound good, though may be a wee bit on the brash side… AND I reckon the vocal should come up! :smiley: I’m missing some words that are getting a little lost in the mix. Personally I didn’t mind the method of arrival of the change, I think the pause with nothing particularly happening before that higher tempo section kicks in works just fine. :sunglasses:

Well…I like the new level! inserts a smilie face blowing a rasberry :laughing: :wink:

Though I agree there are some level issuse in the vocal, would need to listen on monitors
to get a better idea, its 2.30 am and I got me canz on…not good, I should be in bed! :laughing:

I can hear the Maple tree now! :smiley: im a little tempted to say ‘cut a hair off the highs in the reverb’ on the sticks…
But read the ‘Ishould be in bed’ line again! :laughing:


thanks for that, no ideas came naturally while thinkin it over so I will prolly leave that part as is.

Well…I like the new level! inserts a smilie face blowing a rasberry :laughing: :wink:

you guys are awesome, :laughing: I’ll do 1 more pass and adjust a few words that seem under the radar a bit.

Ok, havin a few more listens through the monitors with fresher lugs… and Im going to…
…agree with Ian on the vocal level :smiley: :laughing:

I stuck my EQ on M/S and lifted the mid up 1.6db to 2.db and it did sound better.
So 1.8db lift on the vox I reckon! :wink: :smiley:
Some S’s are sticking out a little, 7.5Khz, Q10 :wink:

The acoustic at the end is a little harsh, to close, hard pick :confused: :question:
Heard some fequency whistles going on (sorry, dont know what to call it :blush: )- on the acoustic
cut 5Khz, 2.6Khz, 500Hz by 8db with a Q10, and 1025Khz Q2 by 3db, does that help?
Anyways, just some things/ideas to play around with :wink:


my goodness sav, how da heck can you listen to such a milky song that many times :laughing: I do appreciate it and ya I think I pulled the vocal down a bit too much, will fix. ya friggin recording my acoustic, I had the mic placement with good tone and when I flipped to record I stood an inch to the right and the mic rode up the neck by an inch and took out some tone, I’ll eq with your math and see.
yes cheerzzz…I need some refreshments :wink: I think that will finish this puppy off

It didn’t bother me as well.

I like it, nice job! :sunglasses:


hey wim, good to see ya. thanks for stoppin in and listening. some good comments helped me tweak it a bit to the point I’m happy with it and can move on, although not perfect. :laughing:

Must be the ‘milky’ smooth singer! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :wink:

mix 3 up and done you say…yeah…I’d go with that, sounds :sunglasses: Good work! :wink:


One thing I often end up doing, which admittedly takes a bit of time, but mostly because I think it ultimately yeilds a better result, is to manually edit the offending ess’s. I isolate the ‘s’ by snipping either side and then use the wee audio part handle to drag down it’s level. :sunglasses:

agreed, especially with such a naturally sibilant singer, drives me crazy sometimes. once sav mentioned it I brought the original vocal track into wavelab and treated a few esses with a little free de-esser plug. I’d really like to catch it right at the mic rather than after. I dunno if this pencil trick works I heard about, supposed to tape a pencil to the middle of a pop filter, lol, might be an old wives tale.

A lot of admiration for the song and the recording, Bob. I love the that sibilant edge to the lady’s singing - adds charm and humanity - and a certain vulnerability. Mix and balance just fine to my ears.

Sipping a glass of red to this one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually this song would be a good contender for a forum ‘mix off’ - in the same manner in which both Jet and Dave S previously volunteered songs for public mixing. Just a thought…


The Dark Irish lives on in the new forum. :slight_smile: (an inside joke for those who’ve been around here for a few years)

I too like the dreamy quality of this. I wonder if the issue some are having with the vocal is that Jas doesn’t
enunciate as well on this as she usually does, IMO. I can hear the vocal fine, and there’s plenty of presence,
but I’m struggling to make out many of the words she’s singing.

Nice piece, Bob.