thanks everyone, no server space for it anymore


What a great piece! The intro really oozes into the drumpart. The leadguitar is well placed, drums are in a really cool way washed into the mix. Great Job. It took me back to the days of PinkFloyd the Wall. It sounds also really huge.

When the tempo doubled I was a bit surprised, up till then the piece was so dramatic, (purplerain dramatic), the doubled beat took the drama out of it. i could have listened to that ballad style a bit longer.

Greetz Dylan.

hey dylan, thanks for passin by. lol funny story, back before I started messin with keys and guitars I spent many moons as the dumb drummer playin clubs. we did some building tracks like this and the guys could see it in my eyes it was time to roll or else. and ya it was always too soon, lol. we still joke about that.
I’m still the same writing my own tunes, funny stuff. anyway, I wanted the mix big although there were some problems with track bleed which prevented some more precise sound but ya, this was great fun thinkin about the old days.
appreciate your thoughts, looking forward to hearing that last track of yours with the female singer.

Groovy stuff Bob, reminds me of Floyd “Obscured by Clouds” period :sunglasses:
The mix is pretty good as is but could be better, I’d A/B what you have here with some of the tracks off Obscured…you should nail it 100% then.

thanks phil, that album is one of the ones I don’t have but I’ll make a case to hear some tracks of it. I’ve been listening to “Lapse of Reason” seems they’re re-releasing everything 24 bit.

I finally had a chance to listen to this properly (through good headphones without CNC machines screaming in the background on a crappy mini stereo system at work). I love the build-up and release of tension.

If anything, I would say maybe a little more thickness on the drums. Also, once the guitar gets to screaming it could possibly even scream a little louder, but that’s just my personal taste.

I found myself wishing it would have lasted longer - which is always a good thing :sunglasses: .

ah you’re a cnc worker, cool. I use to be a tool n die maker before I became a sheetmetal worker for years. finally got out when I couldn’t stand the noise anymore.
appreciate the listen and comments. ya I still may play the real kit for this when it gets back here.

Yeah! Very Floyd-esque from the period mentioned. Nice track! :sunglasses: The mix does seems a bit ‘digital’ - not sure what that means exactly :laughing: but I guess what I’m saying is it could do with more tube/valve/tape/analog type warmth, and perhaps just some more bottom end?

I really like the way it opens and builds. Everything sounds good to me. I would just say that the piece kinda settles into a repetitive four chords (same chord sequence I remember from one of those Floyd hits), but it doesn’t develop harmonically, it just stays there. Something to think about. Phil mentioned Obscured By Clouds. Was one of my favorites. I actually saw the film too, which I think didn’t get much attention, but it was a good one.

The chord progression is from Comfortably Numb. I agree with Early’s observations. Cool sounds and good build but then becomes the “Comfortably Numb” solo.
Sounds great though!

so I was too cliche this time out :laughing: ya, I know it. glad you guys liked the build though, I spent some time twisting that out.
@sherz I know what you mean, the digitalness of it, bit squashed and lack of true bottom.
good to see everyone stop in, appreciated.
think I’ll flush this :blush: and try for something better next time, was a neat experiment though.

Well, you shouldn’t flush it, Floyd doesn’t own those chords. The beginning was too good to waste.

i’m only waiting for the day that the quality of my recording sounds that good!

Yes, it does sound like Floyd, but it sounds very good!
I love the build. :sunglasses:

Don’t flush it! :astonished:


There’s no such thing as a wasted experiment. :wink:

Buckle up for your next adventure! :wink:

lol I’ve flushed many things to my tb backup drive, they’re all there but rarely seen again, one of my buds always loves a good airguitar romp so a copy will go to him. I really didn’t copy the chords, the synth envelopes really determined where I started.
anyway, I love the work you do so a compliment is well recieved, thanks man

wow thanks, but have a listen to some other music on the board, you’ll find alot better refined productions.

:laughing: thanks wim, good to see ya, hope all is well.

hey jet, always appreciate your thoughts. totally agree, sometimes the best part of music is starting something and not knowing where it will end.