thanks everyone

Hey Bob, sounds very smooth. It sounds sort of like Bowie. I think the vocals came out very well. Listened several times.

Hmmm… overall, very nice! Got quite drawn into this one :slight_smile: The vocal delivery certainly is Bowie-esque. Not sure I was overly keen on the vocal panning in places though e.g. the opening section. I reckon you really could pull the vocal up a few dB - when I have to strain to try make out what’s been sung it tends to detract from the enjoyment somewhat. AND, at the risk of sounding overly critical I think some more adjustments to the drum mix may be in order… and I’m no expert! Just thought they were lacking punch (kick) and also I wasn’t really aware of much hats or ride etc.

Otherwise though I thought it was a pretty good listen! :slight_smile:

appreciate that, couldn’t be overly offending if you could listen more than once, :laughing: ya its like bowie meets opera. er something. not going to be everyones cuppa but happy the vocal comes across ok which was most important to me.
thanks again man

thanks for those thoughts, gives me some things to think about. lol that opening vox is basically jibberish so it won’t be understandable even turned up. as for the panning I kinda like it that way with the 2 sides and main vox up the centre. drumwise, ya theres some tweaking to do, I’m ok with the kick being flat. the drums are quite busy so during the rolls and such there won’t be alot of hats and rides. I’ve often heard hats running through tom rolls but thats not real except for the cup sound. unfortunately without enough velocity zones the hat and ride fluctuate too much. I will go back to that though and surgically get more consistent with hat and ride during basic sections.
never worry about being overly critical, I like it and always go back and make adjustments, so thanks much

Yeah, has that interesting “opera man” thing going on. Just a spell check - was that supposed to be “dimension” or “dementia”? I didn’t hear the word in the song, but I couldn’t make out all the words.

I don’t know that either word is in the song, as the vocalist he named the track.
do you think I could lift the main vocal some more yet?

Well, the overall mix sounds good, but the main vocal seems to be in another room…
I’m not sure about the processing of the vocal, I miss depth and it sounds a bit dull, it could do with some more high frequencies.

But it’s a good song and certainly different! :sunglasses:


howdy wim, thanks for stopping in and havin a spin.
I know what you mean about the vocal ambience, I tried a few different ways and he likes it that way, I have to respect the vocalist opinion for that.
I will however do another mix today and instead of adding more gain I’ll touch the eq on his voice between 5-10 k

Had several listens, both first and now this second mix.

Interesting tune and I like it very much. Very nice vocal.

I agree with many of the comments made so far.

Kick lacks punch. I can sort of hear it but I can’t feel it.
The bass is amorphous, a bit washed out, so the whole bottom is
in need of a re-work methinks.

The guitar solo might be a tad loud. The transition between
that part’s first appearance and then the actual break is too great.

As for the vocal, I think the reverb is not helping.
I’d dry it up and flatten (compress) it a lot more so that it was
nice and even. The register is quite low, so I think you need to
squeeze it and wring it out to get it to sit in the mix well.

Cool tune. :wink:

Hiya Bob. Sounds pretty good here. Some of those keyboard drum fills are a bit non-idiomatic, listen to some 80s/90s Bowie singles and copy those. I had a specific track of his in mind but fooked if I can remember it :laughing:

Good stuff :sunglasses:

PS Maybe “China Girl”?

thanks jet, I’ll do a bit of work on it today.
funny though how impressions can vary. in another post people kept saying the vox is a bit too loud and needs verb. my general rule is that the better the lead vocal, the less verb I use, unless its way more atmospheric. against my better judgement I edged the verb up and everyone said much better, :laughing:
sometimes it gets to be a merry-go-round :laughing:

thanks phil, appreciate the listen and good words.
I never play drums from my keyboards and don’t have any drum programs like ezdrummer etc. if they’re simple things I’ll program them from the grid, but all else is played live from either real drums if they’re here or from my 7pc midi kit.
this one is played from my midi kit. I know theres very individual tastes in drumtracks and things from ezdrummer and the like are perfect in form. I quite like the spontaneous factor actually playing gives.

Hey Bob,

Does have a slight Bowie twang to it… (not much of a Bowie fan if im honest) but still, it sounds good! :smiley:

I enjoyed listening to your “workout” ! :wink: :smiley:


hey thanks sav ol chap.
I’m going to thin out the bass a bit that should bring the kick out a bit more. the reverb doesn’t work on his voice, I should always go with my initial instinct so as jet says I’m going to dry it off and place it up in the mix more. that should do it. I’m happy with the lead guitar level.

very nice, love the vocals, very pro sounding…

thanks for listening in. I think the mix is better now

Bowie? What?

This is The Smiths all the way, man! Morissey and Marr at their best. (Which of course always owed a huge debt to Bowie and Ronson :laughing: ).

It’s a great composition. I’ve listened 3 times now, and I think the mix is just fine. The vocal is completely legible. But I would have liked to hear the previous treatment… there are ways you can drench a vocal in verb and retain most of its legibility, chiefly by using the pre-delay on the verb. But really, I think this is on a par with all those early 80’s Manchester-sound recordings, like Simple Minds, etc. :sunglasses:

ya the smiths, I had the “meat is murder” album, remember them well. I did like the vocal with less verb, mizieya’s voice stands on its own, a bit of originality to it. I’m happy with the mix as it is now.
appreciate you listening and commenting on so many toons in the forum. thanks for this and glad you like.