think I’ll split

Sounds really good Bob. Decent solo too :sunglasses:
Best of luck for 2012 :sunglasses:

hey Phil, thanks for all your support in the forum over the year.
and back at ya in 012!
heres to more great songs in the new year, cheers

Pretty cool Bob! Happy New Year!

same to you J.L. appreciate the support, thanks

Sounds good Bob, I like it :smiley:
Happy new year!

Yeah…real nice! :slight_smile: I enjoyed this! Great ambiance with a fine selection of sounds too. Plenty of drama in this one also. Mix sounds pretty good. Thought the lead guitar could have been ‘bigger’ though- seemed a bit distant.

Good stuff! :sunglasses:

Happy New Year!

I really like the way you put together the collage of sounds. Enjoyed this one all the way through. Agree, a little more balls to the lead guitar is all. Nice one!

great to see you guys, wow 2012!, sounds important so lets do it.
thanks for all the support and help. ya I might have been a little too atmospheric minded with the lead, lol no worries, who doesn’t want to turn the lead up, will do.

Hi Bob,

Great soundscape! :sunglasses:
I enjoyed this.
Crank up the lead a bit and you’re done! :slight_smile:

Happy 2012,

thanks wim, have a great year sax man!

Exciting song! I love the intensity and drama. Stereo separation is A1! If the New Year is half as good as your work here we all will be fortunate. I feel fortunate to be able to listen to your creations.

Happy New Year Bob.

I’m hearing the lead perfectly, sound, placement and levels.

hey michael, thanks man, I did do a slight adjustment from the boys comments.


Wot, the royalties? Your axe? Your ex? The relationship?
Hold on, I’m not ready for further trauma.

Is there a song in here to be heard? :confused: :frowning: