is that a high pitched tremolo on the high strings? Works for me :slight_smile:

The synth, strings and vocal sounds seem to clash a bit in their frequency ranges, probably mostly because of the fx you applied to the vocal. You might want to try to make the vocal come out a bit more. The spoken text is much better in that regard though.

The brass breakdown halfway through is really cool, I love that. The jazzy piano sometimes dissapears a little in the audience sound, but it plays a great part so I wouldn’t mind hearing it better :slight_smile:

Great arrangement overall! Certainly multi-genre, and also much unlike anything else I’ve heard :slight_smile:
Good work!

yup, added some trem. appreciate the quick response strophoid, I wanted to pinpoint a couple things today but its a bit like looking at snakes and ladders so its great you’ve give me something to go to without diving in willy nilly.
I will go directly to your suggestions, thankyou.
glad you like the overall thing, initial opinion has been, wtf! which doesn’t really help me :laughing:


That is really excellent. So many elements to the tune. :sunglasses:

lol, my initial response was indeed wtf, but it grew on me quickly :slight_smile:

Another finely demented piece from you. Although not the type of music I would normally listen to, I have really enjoyed the last few things you’ve posted. Keep up the good work!

Wow, what a trip! So much in there! And you’re so lucky to have David Bowie singing for you! Really enjoyed it. I would like to see the film that this is the score for. Science fiction, I guess. Pass along your reading list, I really enjoy a good sci-fi novel! Great job! Keep them coming!

hah, that made me chuckle. cheers

dave, scab, early, raise a glass to you guys, appreciate it, the work was worth it. it needs some refining, I’m waiting for the right moment to do that.
@early, nothing like silly people being told their world is about to crash but they’re just glad to see ya, lol. I’m into alot of 60’s sci-fi, actually my cover at the moment is something pretty boring called “the hot zone”

Golly…that’s quite an impressive and highly eclectic assortment! :slight_smile: AND a very enjoyably trip indeed!

If I had any small crits it would be that perhaps the tremolo on the strings was a little too tremolo and some of the vocal parts could probably come up a notch or two.

That aside though I was totally absorbed… all-in-all a really excellent production! :smiley:

Great stuff love the voicing at begin and the weaving melodies all thru song then the cool swing part…very nice mix the stereo movement is a great, with so much going on it is often so hard to hear all the little parts and yet nothing gets lost…Great sound choices, really nice!

hey thanks kzarider and sherz, mizieya is very happy with the outcome, I will refine the mix as per suggestions, soon…ish.
@sherz, wow! thats a big smilin smiley, :smiley:

ketchup chips and buzz beer was the clincher! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Yes, great stuff! :sunglasses:
Wonderful, surprising mix of styles, well produced.


thanks wim, good to see ya stop in.

Hi Bob,

a very interesting track.

I couldn’t understand a lot of the vocals, so I think they need some work in the mix.
I think a combination of FX, EQ and therefore level.
Personally, I didn’t like the middle section, but there’s no pleasing everyone. :wink:

At times I felt there was no bottom anchor (kick?) in the “main” part.

Hats off for exploring.


hey jet. yup I’m ready to do a remix and vocals need attention. also some main body parts need some downsizing to get some better defined bottom, will do.
lol, no worries, I actually thought alot more people would be put off by the game show thingy, but the day I decide not to go in a certain direction in a toon because of how I feel others might recieve it, is prolly the time to step away from the studio door. what happens in there is purely for my own enjoyment, it means more to me if someone listens and comments on the result, rather than whether they like or dislike it. the whole “like” thing has been ruined by facebook anyway, lol

**Easy Blue Bob,

Thats a very interesting piece of work make and i am sure it took a long time to construct. i can hear you trying to push the boundries with many elements here and so i hope you got the results you wanted. It’s all work in progress dude !!

One small observation (and its only my opinion !!) but i might suggest tweeking the HARMONY or MELODY LINE (@ 1:14, 1:24 etc) because of a harmonic-clash. You have a leading-note (in the melody) against a flattened-leading-note in the chord. So i would either flatten the melody note a semitone, or make the chord a dominant-seventh type.

Did you play the synth solo in LIVE (@ 1:47 thru 2:08) ?? Nice sound !!

The jazzy piano section is great but i think the piano could have been a bit louder in the mix (cause its so cool !!).



thanks paul, really appreciate that.
I’ll be looking into it, miz and I are working towards an album of material so it will all get attention again. just about everything in all the songs is recorded live to cubase except, synth arps and stuff like that. that lead is played from my korg m1 (the real and ancient) a great patch and I doubled the sound with a moog patch in zebra.
and ya that piano, I was going for the band in the background thing but I agree I should bring that level up.
have a good one

**Hi Blue Bob,

Thats fantastic to hear you are making an album. i wish you well with that. If you need anything (or advice) on Jazzy Piano or Harmony i would be willing to my help, no problem.

i love MOOG (i own a 1979 Multi Moog i bought on ebay a couple of years ago). What the ZEBRA software ??