thanks to everyone

I really like this one. Can I say it doesn’t sound soupy? It does remind me of Liquid Glass by Mick Karn and Yoshihiro Hanno. I love this kind of stuff, and wish I had any notion how to do it.

Well, been on this forum for idk, maybe a few weeks. Haven’t had time to listen to everything everyone does, but out of the ones I have this is by far my favourite. The last few days I’ve been listening to the Ridge Racer 4 (playstation 1) soundtrack, which is jazzy drum and bass kinda stuffs and I really like it. But I then listened to one of the later soundtracks from RR7 and it was the current electronic, not very musical drum and bass stuff that people like nowadays and was awful.

This piece reminded me a lot of the RR4 soundtrack, really enjoyed listening. Only two things I didn’t like about it were the water stream kinda sounds and there was a bit too much reverb on for my liking (I know you stated about that :stuck_out_tongue:) Other than those minor things really cool piece of music.

Works well Bob, nice jazzy influences!
I agree with Early in that the mix is indeed not really soupy in the main part of the song.
It does sound like there is a LOT of low frequency content, so low my headphones have trouble producing it but it’s definitely there. I think the song would be easier to listen to when you trim that down.

lol, made me chuckle, yes you can say that. glad you like, I wouldn’t have thought this would be something you’re into, in some ways its my 2nd home. back in the day I was really just a drummer doing the bar scene but I was secretly fascinated with the old boxes (new at that time) and hooking them up. cv connections and tape echoes, lol, couldn’t play keys but I had a pro one I’d sequence and a panasonic drum machine, was a nightmare trying to get things to lineup but when they did, it was bliss. I started getting into ryuichi sakamoto and stuff like that, I pictured this somewhere in the sakamoto/enya influence. hey I don’t recognize those names you gave but I will research that, appreciate it, I like finding new things.

thanks for checking in and commenting. ya I’m not really into the drum n bass thing either, I always like to have at least some or even minor melodies. this really isn’t the type of thing I’m always into though, if you look to the bottom of the page for my acoustic remix, I’m doing more of that these days.
I will revisit the song about the watery part and the amount of verb, just to be sure.
thanks again

ok cool man, I will check up on those bottom feeders. it could be I need to roll off the verb or something, hmm I may have even pushed something, I will look see, thankyou.
were you listening on cans or monitors, my sony phones cut bass and my powered monitors eat bass so I may need something inbetween.

I was using headphones, I find mine give a decent bass response. I usually do my regular music listening through these so I know them quite well. Wether they’re accurate I don’t know, but using them for 6 years daily they’re great for comparing mixes to other material.

Hi Bob

I think this is pretty good. I wonder what your thoughts are on the vocal level. I could do with it coming through a little more than it is now. I could barely hear some of the vocal, but I will listen again just to make sure my ears are not playing tricks. Not sure it is so much level as an eq or space thing. Maybe compare it to some of the tracks on Kate Bush ‘50 Words For Snow’. Of course you might have it perfect for what you want.


hey dave, I think theres a couple spots in the middle where I should make the vocal a bit more dry so they cut through better. but mainly the vocal spots are meant to be part of the overall sound rather than a vocal part if ya know what I mean. I will revisit the mix
thanks mate

Yeah, I get where you are coming from with the vocal being part of the overall sound. I like it. :sunglasses: I think too often mix advice on lots of forums that I read tend to lean towards making comments on the artistic content rather than technical aspects which, at least I think, most people want comments on. That was why I asked. Hats off to you for experimenting and coming up with something interesting. My experiments have a tendency to end up leaning towards old rock influences and not being all that different in the end or else they are crap. :mrgreen:


Soupy lol, not at all very ethereal I love it. I like the why the shaker and triangle (?) don’t take over things What plugs are you using?

thanks mate. most of my sounds come from my 2 hardware synths, korg m1 and wavestation. drums were edited, munched and reversed in orion with some of it played from my yamaha midi kit. zebra, wusik and kore player are my go to vsti, nothing special there. everything else is basically stock cubase stuff.
hey btw, larry carlton played hamilton place, where I spend my winter months, unfortunately I was away the weekend of the show, I really wanted to go after hearing the links you put up a while back.

Funny I always forget how great the older stuff sounds, I have some recordings I used an Arp odyssey, Emulator 2 and a 2600 on…I swear they sound better than anything I have today! Oh well the E2 is in the garage and doesn’t work :frowning:
I really like your track!

I wouldn’t call the mix “soupy”. I think your use of verb and delay is very tasteful. The drum panning is cool (headphones). All in all a very nice mix of a cool song. I especially like the sound design intro.

yup, theres no algorithm out there that can predict exactly how electricity reacts passing through real transformers, lol. I’d love to hear that recording, I never owned an arp. wish I still had my old prophet 600 though.

hey thanks. tongue in cheek calling it a soupy mix, lol, Early21. glad you like the opening, the whole thing was really inspired hearing jasmines voice with it.