thanks guys

Hi Bob

Another cool tune from you. To me this has a mixture of 70’s and 80’s rock with some post punk mixed in.


I remember a year or so ago you had a track up that i was mad about. Completely different to this. But yknow what your versatility is something to be admired. The track itself works and works well. Had it up loud through my system and it was an absolute pleasure of an experience. Nice guitar my friend. Great and dark vocal. well put together. Loved it! Last lines like the icing on the cake, nice touch.

Just listened to it a number of times in a row. Lots of fun. I was thinking 60’s mixed with 80’s. And I echo the versatility comment. Never know what we’re going to get from you! Enjoyed it. And I enjoyed David Bowie again, he’s pretty good! The only thing I would say is that the drums sound almost too squeezed to me; don’t know if that’s something you can control, but I would give them a little more life or room around them.

hey dave thanks. being originally from hamilton theres prolly a little teenage head rubbing off, they were the local heroes back then and I use to share a few beers with the original drummer. you may have even heard of them, I think they had quite a following in your neck of the woods.

ahh thats good to hear, right on man. very seldom do I kick back with my own tunes but I must admit I had the full house system barking it out too, sub included, lol.
appreciate that.

ya I hear ya early, its tough to find room in there, lol, alot of tunes in this sort of thing have a ton of cymbal smash which is great for live but not so great for studio. getting that with more room for drums can turn it into a glam rock sound or cut the guitar and bass rush down. I do know what you mean and will have another try at creating some drum area without effecting other things.
I think alot of people doing home studio stuff these days are experimenting with different styles so I’m nothing special in that area at all. for me I think it comes from having a weird album and cd collection, I can listen to david sylvain and then nat king cole and everything inbetween, even some of cole older recordings still blow me away with the pure texture and beauty of that music.
anyway, really happy you appreciate my stuff cause I’m a huge fan of yours as you know…cheers

I like sort of the David Bowie texture an inflection that sometimes pops through!
Same can be said about the guitars…sometimes reminds me of Mick Ronson’s playing on “The Man Who Sold The World”

That’s pretty much spot on, Its completely Bowie-like,… I just juxtaposed the 2 tracks and the guitar and vocal are very familiar to each other. The overall feel of each is like there mirrored in some way. I have to say to be so close to Bowie is pretty damn good thing. The delivery of the vocal has that same kinda haunting quality. The timing and quality of the lyrics doesn’t let the side down either. There’s depth, meaning and certain degree of tension. Its kinda deep. Its definitely its own thing, don’t get me wrong, but its also very reminiscent of something that’s very very good.

Another winner! You are truly a man of many hats. I never know what I’m in for when I go to listen to one of your tracks. Keep 'em coming.

cmaffia, you hit the ronson/bowie thing right on, and thanks for that. in some ways that song is like the unplugged version, a little faster with more distortion and the comparison plays out, especially the riff.
goddfodder, miz is quite happy about your comments on the vocal, its easy to misread it but you have it bang on.
theres a concert venue here called massie hall in toronto canada, back then everyone who was anyone played there weekly, I practically lived there, lol. I remember roxy music played there one week and it was a great show, manzanera was superb. but a few weeks later the bowie/ronson tour came by and mick absolutely blew us away. the recordings of his guitar in those days was somewhat subdued but we weren’t ready for live, woah!. it was like when people first heard the live version of cracked actor…huge!

hey scab, glad you like man. mostly I just try to keep myself entertained doing different stuff. summer is right around the corner here now so I’ll be opening up the cottage and music goes to the backburner but the odd thing still comes out during the rainy spells.

Cool tune, Bob. It’s got sort of a dark, mysterious, British vibe to it. I can see the Bowie comparison,
I was thinking “Psychedelic Furs” as I listened.
The one thing I think you could improve on, and this is purely subjective, is the bass sound.
It -is- punchy and present, yet there’s something hollow about it. I’m assuming it’s a sample?
For my tastes this would benefit from a better one. Of course, this whole mix is a bit of a period piece - everything
is pretty “wet”, so maybe this bass fits to your ears.
Well, that’s my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Love the vibe.

Nice arrangement and nice song too. Not really fond of the vocal personally, but it’s clearly something you did on purpose so that’s a taste thing.

The vocal seems to clip at 3:36, you might want to look at that.

good to see ya lenny and thanks. yup nothing like a real pounding bass but yes its a sample, maybe I’ll try another, I know I did try a couple but they were too woowee, a real rickenbacker kanking sound was what seems to work.
maybe as you say if I dry the overall thing off it might work better, I’ll try it.

hmm. not getting the clip on the track file but I know miz got a bit hot in places and the clipped sound makes it sound like the track file clipped.
I always knew miz’s vocals are a taste thing, some folks have said they don’t like his voice at all, in any of my tracks, as you say its a taste thing.
appreciate you listening in

Can you indulge me and make a mix without the keyboards? Just a bass, drums, guitar song? I would love to hear that version… :slight_smile: