I think I better rethink the track, I think

Bob, I hope I have a friend like you when that need is here… Also Hope you don’t mind me saying but I would suggest that this could be really cool song if it was a little darker and more barren it bounces a little to much for me. Tempo slower, just start with single instrument either piano doing quarter notes or guitar and then slowly build to end where the great hook is. Hope

of course I like all comments, I don’t mind at all man, in fact I like the free flow of ideas here. I prolly shoulda thought about the music side of this more, your right it might have needed a darker edge. I think I had the right words but without pausing to think the music over I was playing and recording before I knew it. its an idea I may have to revisit, not to make it morbid though, I don’t want that. its just kind of a message.

Hallelujah like, the words really hit me just needs a great simple beauty musically

Hey, too fast!

c’mon, give it back!

DUDE! STOP DELETING YA MUSIC!!! :imp: :laughing:

Well, I was lucky enough (some might disagree :laughing: kidding :wink: ) to hear this before you deleted it,
and I thought it was really good, sounded a little like another song you did a while ago, similar style -
you, an acoustic and a harmonica (that was pretty cool too!)

Sad story really, and happens to often (or ive seen it happen to often)

I dont believe in ‘save for a rainy day’. It rains here in the UK pretty much everyday, so its impossible to do anyway! :laughing: Spend as I go! :smiley: (coz I damn well cant when Im gone! :laughing: )

My daughter will get the house and contents when Im gone, everyone else knows not to come knockin! :laughing:

Anyway, back to the song :blush:

From what I rememeber, I kinda liked it how it was - as in the style/tempo.
Would be interesting to hear what you chose to do with it though!.. :wink: :smiley: