need room on my server, thanks for the responses

Hmmm, that is … unusual! :laughing: Cool sounds and great atmosphere, as usual. I can imagine this leading into something else. Maybe something with some big, booming timpani whacks. Maybe not.

I thought you were supposed to be taking a break!

It’s rich and haunting. How do you guys work together? Do you write it then ask him to sing? Sounds like a movie score. Nice one. Added it to the Bluebob file!

we’ve got close to a cd worth of material now and I think it’ll be fun playing around with the order of the tracks to see how songs lead into each other, so there could be some timpani whacks next, lol.
thanks for passin by, ya I was hoping to hang around at the cabin for a few weeks or more but after 2 weeks all the wells are runnin dry up there, a horrible drought going on. not seen it like this before, we’re praying for rain. so I came home, nothin to do here except make music.

hey, hows it goin. I still find it damn cool you have a bob file, thats the ultimate compliment.
yes thats basically how we work. but because I change direction and setups quite a bit I’ll usually chat with miz and let him know what I’m thinking before I start something new. like for this one, I told him I was thinking about trying a sort of oriental percussion thing with some atmosphere just so he can change his thought pattern and it won’t be such a surprise. we’ve worked together quite a bit now so hes well aware theres something different coming each time out. we’re influencing each other nicely these days, I’m getting him to stretch and bend with the music but he does such a good job it gives me incentive to keep pushing, I’m having fun.

btw I have this fun kinda tune, no vocal thoughts for it yet, might be a bit too mainstream for you but it’ll need some guitar if you’re interested in hearing what I have so far. was thinking maybe getting some forum participation, it could use a real bass too, I gotta buy one for myself one of these days. I borrowed one for a while and had a great time with it. anyhoo, let me know, I can post the backtrack I have here to see if you’re interested or not.

very interesting…enjoyed listening to it !like the sounds…

Hey Bob,

Yeah, somewhat strange, yet…somewhat pretty darn good! :smiley: :sunglasses:
I could be way off, and I’m not sure why I think this but…
The last couple of songs you’ve done with Miz, I cant help but think theres
a ‘pinch’ of Marillion here and there.

After a few listens, the only thing that makes me think …Hmmm? - is the vocals.
To me they sound a little bit like they are in a very small reflective room, almost box-like.
If that was intentional, fait play! :wink: :smiley: . If not, something to look into maybe.
Other than that…its all good :sunglasses:

thanks muchly, interesting is good, appreciate you listening in

howdy sav. no bad thing about the marillion slant, their early influence were much the same as mine, and the fact miz is a uk boy, lol.

about the vocals. I write it off as his sound although I’ve politely wondered about a new mic.
I’m still in mixing phase so suggestions are glady welcomed. what if I boost a touch of bottom end on the vocal and opened the verb a hair more. I’ve found if I try and dip the midrange on him he disappears, lol

If you’ve heard my playing and you still want a track, sure! Guitar, or bass, or both. Could be a lot of fun. I have yet to collaborate over the web.

Wayyy to cool great sounds and the vocals are incredible. They do sound like they are in a stark room I just figured that was the correct approach. Really strange in a great way lol Congratulations on something completely different !!!

thanks kenny, much appreciated. alot of times the 1st approach to a mix element is the best one cause the original song idea is fresh in your mind, you have a specific sound. that said, theres also those times to step back and let it go for a bit and come back with a new thought, the original is always there if it doesn’t seem right. then theres over and over and over, more beer, more grey hair, further and further from the truth, lol

well you’re a heck of alot better guitar player than me, and a much nicer geetar to boot, plus even a cooler avatar avatar, so its all good.
but 1st you have to be into the song :laughing: I could be wrong but I think you may find it fun to jam to. you could do rhythm on the electric against my acoustic, and leads, and the bass. I have a specific vocal melody in mind so we’ll see how that goes as it goes. hmm, I forgot I did a piano line and left it in there, just because, well, it was fun to do. you can mess with it as is and if it tickles your fancy I’ll pm you the wave file to record to…see what ya think.

guess ya didn’t like that one, no worries

MORE BEER, :bulb:

You know I am into ‘project’ or ‘concept albums’
you definately should start to make one! a few minutes is just not enough,I want to sit back for 40minutes and get lost in your landscapes.

Greetz Dylan.

the final couple tracks for our cd are underway, I’m really looking forward to listening to all of the work together myself, I’ve purposely not done that until its all finished. obviously not for making money, that boat has sailed, but more to just capsulize the time together for a keepsake to each of us. it’ll also be fun to do the cd graphics, something I used to do for people, I’m still a bryce addict, lol. miz has been great, no problems at all there but I’m feeling the need to move on before it gets old.

Hi Bob,

man, whatever’s in that lake water is sure something.

Rich sounds, very interesting palette. Love the intense slidey-thing.
Is it an erhu patch…which morphs into flute at times? Colourful.
Nice string envelopes too.

Delightfully sideways. Good stuff.

its those wonderful spotted frogs, its true what they say, just a couple…icks and the world becomes a strange place :laughing: not that it isn’t already
yup, some erhu in there coupled with a flute and violin slide, partly recorded through an amp to electrisize it
thanks for stoppin in man, glad you like

That was great! Not what I’d usually tune in to, but great textures and a nice voice.

I agree with one of the earlier comments - it would be nice to hear drums come in and the whole thing build with drums and bass.

Good stuff!


hi steve, thanks, appreciate you listening and commenting on something outside your norm. it was kind of exploration for me too. a build would be cool yes, I think I’ll stitch an up song close to the end of this so it runs together.